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through my issues while helping others work through that. I can connect you if you’re interested
in that too.”
“I’d really love that!” Alewa exclaimed. “Wow, that’ll be so interesting.”
“I’m glad you’re excited about this Alewa.”
“Oh yes I am. I’d love a chance to help someone going through what I’m going through.”
“Awesome. So I should set it up?”
“Could you hold off on that for a bit?” she asked
Georgina looked confused.
“I’m not backing out. It’s just that I’ll love a chance to see that therapist you mentioned
earlier. I think it’s better I work through my problems first, before trying to help others.”
“Alright. That’s fair enough.”
She looked to King again, and he nodded just as he did earlier.
Georgina cleared her throat and dived in. “Alewa, there’s something else I purposely left till
the end; not because it’s less important but because it might be the best decision you ever
made.” She paused
“I’m listening.” Alewa was curious to hear what she’s about to say.
Georgina looked her in the eye. “King told me you were averse to the idea of going to
Alewa looked away. “I don’t really want to get into that right now.”
“I understand. But can I say something?”
“Go ahead Georgina.”
“You must understand that I’m not trying to coerce you into what you don’t feel comfortable
doing, but the fact is God has been a big part of my life for years now and he played a significant
role in how I was able to move on and attain peace. I don’t want you to trifle with that. At the
very least, think about King’s offer.”
Alewa looked at her steadily for some seconds. She looked towards King too and he smiled.
“Okay, I’ll go with him this Sunday.” She finally said
Georgina beamed. “Fantastic! Now let me get the card of that therapist. I’ll be right back.”
She excused herself.
King hugged Alewa the moment Georgina was out of the room. “I’m really proud of you my
dear. Now, you can embark on your healing journey.”
“Thank you King. But church?” she asked doubtfully
“I know how you feel about that. Just try it out this once, and if you don’t like it then I won’t
bother you about it anymore.”
“Okay then. Let’s try that this Sunday.”
Eight weeks later
Alewa stood at the door watching the girls in the room. They were all involved in one activity
or the other. Some were reading, some playing games, and some knitting. One girl was seated by
herself at the corner, reading a huge book, and glancing at the other girls from time to time.
Some of the girls had trouble fitting in and Hannah was one of those.
She approached her where she was seated. “Hannah, is everything alright?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“You look rather uncomfortable sitting there.”
“Oh, I’m just trying to wrap my head around this. These girls seem really happy.”
Alewa smiled. “I assure you they are.”
“That’s really something.”
Alewa saw the longing in her heart. She patted her knee. “Don’t worry, you’ll get there. It
takes some of us more time than others.”
Hannah nodded. “Thank you miss.”
Alewa patted her knee once more. “You’ll be fine.” She told her and walked out.

To think she herself had come so far in just two months. She had grown from the lady who
was scared of her own shadow, to the one who could confidently work with girls like these. Now
that she had found a purpose, her life was much more meaningful.
King and Georgina had been there for her all the way. They had helped her when she needed
help, and encouraged her when she felt like giving up.
Going to church with King had been the best decision she made as Georgina predicted. She
felt renewed, refreshed and rebirthed when she gave her life to Christ. She does not fully
understand this God yet, but she’s working at it and focusing on her walk with him one day at a
The therapist Georgina recommended had been helpful too, but after two weeks of seeing
her every day, Alewa was ready to move on. She was ready to focus her time and energy on
helping those like her.
Her introduction to the NGO had gone very smoothly. Alewa had been there for a week now
and she was enjoying every minute of it. She resigned her job at the company she was with so
she could focus more on this. She had enough money to last her through her lifetime and she
could afford to share also.
After she finally had something to live for, she decided to take her disease seriously. She
commenced taking her drugs religiously and she felt better for making that decision. Even her
doctor had been surprised when she told him she was coming in regularly for check-ups. She is
taking that one day at a time too.
Her cell phone rang, she checked the caller ID and smiled when she saw it was King.
“Hi.” She said happily
‘Hi to you too.”
“You sound happy.”
“Oh, I’m very happy.”
“How are you?”
“I’m very fine.”
“So, what’s up?
“I’ll like to have dinner with you tonight.”
“Hmmm. Business, celebratory, casual or formal?”
“I’m supposed to figure all that out?”
Alewa laughed. “Yes. So I’ll know what to wear.”
“I’m but a man Alewa. Just wear anything you want, you look beautiful in anything.”
Alewa was silent for a while. “That didn’t help at all.”
“How about hoping-to-celebrate-something-dinner?”
“Okay, that’s better.”
“We aim to please.”
She giggled. “Where do we meet? And what time?”
“I’ll come pick you, just be ready by 6pm.”
“Okay then. You’re not going to give me any hint about what you’re hoping to celebrate?”
“Not a hint.”
“Is Georgina going to be there?”
“It’s just you and I babe.”
“Hmmm, that just got my curiosity level to 99%.”
He laughed. “You’ll just have to wait to satisfy that 99% curiosity. See you later.”
“Okay, bye.” She hung up.
Alewa couldn’t imagine what the call was about but she guessed she would have to wait to
find out.
Alewa and King were settled at their table about 6:45pm. It had taken them about forty
minutes to get to the restaurant they were to have dinner at.
“You look really beautiful tonight Alewa.” King said
“Thank you King. You look handsome yourself.” She smiled

“I didn’t say that to get a compliment out of you. I meant it; you always take my breath away,
even dressed in pajamas with your hair uncombed.”
Alewa laughed. “That feels like a very long time ago.”
“That’s because you’ve grown so much since then.”
“Very true. But I did mean what I said. You know what I used to call you?”
“What?” he looked in her eyes and smiled
Alewa’s heart skipped a beat at that smile. “This handsome devil.” She whispered
King laughed. “A devil? Why that?”
“Because you always made me do things I didn’t want to do.”
“I’m hoping I can get you to do what you want to do today.”
“What’s that?”
He took her hand. “You know I love you right?”
“Yes. I love you too King, you’ve been so awesome to me.”
He shook his head. “Not like that. I mean, I really love you.”
“Oh….but King, you know that’s not wise.”
“Why not?”
“Because of my condition. I don’t ever want to put you in that position.”
“Alewa, you’re not putting me in anything. I’m choosing to be in if you’ll let me. Ever since
the day I met you, my life hasn’t been the same. That day, I knew I will be a part of your life in
some way, and I stuck around even when you made it very difficult.” He smiled.
She returned his smile. “King, this disease is not going to go away.”
“Don’t say that. There’s nothing impossible for God. Besides, there are measures to ensure
both of us are safe in a relationship, as long as you keep taking your drugs.”
She was surprised. “You’ve done your homework on this.”
“Yes I have. And I believe we can make it work.”
“I’ll like nothing more. But what about Georgina?”

He looked puzzled. “What about her?”
“I got the impression you guys were more than friends, especially on her part.”
“Alewa, Georgina is just a very good friend of mine. I never gave her the impression I wanted
“It didn’t stop her from hoping though.”
“Well, I assure you I didn’t encourage her in any way.”
“So, will you have me?”
“I’m willing to try, but I’m so scared.”
“You know why.”
“Believe me, I’m in for the good times and the bad too.”
“Okay King. I trust you.”
“We’ll take it one day at a time until forever.” He said and kissed her hand.
Alewa smiled and nodded. “One day at a time until forever.”

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