1. The Seriki Fulani Of Igangan has well-armed militias guarding him.

2. There are at least three well fortified barricades and road blocks on the way to his house (palace).

3. The citizens of Ibarapa cannot access his house unless with express permission and approvals.

4. Sunday Igboho scaled all those hurdles and took his followers there.

5. The Seriki guards fired gunshot at him but he collected the guns without mounting a counterattack.

6.The Seriki has collections of luxury cars in his compound including brand-new Toyota Venzas, Camry, each costing between 7million to 15 million Naira, totalling about 15, which the Seriki’s herd of cattle cannot account for.

7. The people said it to Seriki’s face that when people are kidnapped, the ransoms are usually brought to his palace to get it across to the kidnappers ( a kind of intermediary role in negotiations for their release), which he could not deny.

8. If Seriki is not part of the conspiracy, why has he not exposed the kidnappers on behalf of whom he collects ransom? He claims to have been living there for decades, so pointing out the bad eggs should be easy.

9. All the traditional kings in Ibarapa became overwhelmed and invited Sunday Igboho as one of their sons to come and help/rescue them from their helpless state.

So Don’t blame the natives of the area if they decided to torch down his so called Palace. They’ve had more than enough.

Personally, It is our opinion here at OGAFI that all ethnic groups outside of their traditional homelands should stop and abrogate donning of themselves with traditional titles that seem to suggest that they are independent of the native/customary laws of the areas they are domiciled. They can chose and elect representatives to speak or stand in for them but traditional titles are absolutely out of the question.
We need to know who is who and respect ourselves accordingly

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