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Evidences Biafra Existed – Nnamdi kanu

The Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu have been releasing evidence that Biafra existed before being amalgamated into Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu had been in fore front for the restoration of Biafra. Here are the Evidence with Images.

Ancient Explorers – Ancient Map with Biafra

Ancient Map of Biafra
Ancient Map of Biafra

When earliest explorers became acquainted with the coast of West Africa, the only organised people they met were Biafrans. No Fulani, no Hausa, no Yoruba only Biafra. This is a time when Ethiopia was called Abyssinia.

This is the SACRED land of the Ancients some fools want us to abandon for a man made contraption created in 1914, named by a harlot and legitimised by half-educated black morons in 1960.

If not that the title ANCIENT OF THE ANCIENTS belongs to God Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama in heaven, I would have referred to Biafra as such.



I want to educate the enemies of Biafra, traitors within and agents of the Janjaweed Caliphate that there is NOTHING like Niger-Delta or South South. I maintain that only a fool and a roundly unintelligent one at that can ever call him or herself a Niger-Deltan or South South person. The British and their illiterate Fulani house niggers thought they could divide us, not knowing that what binds all the nations of Biafra is stronger than the hate they planted amongst us.

1. The building blocks of a NATION is commonality of culture as universally defined and accepted and they don’t come lesser than the reverred EKPE & OKONKO fraternities which bind Bende province in Abia, Efik and Ibiobio together as one family. Go through the text on the first picture, you will see that Abiriba ranks alongside other clans in Biafra all the way to Bakassi peninsular as having the same EKPE culture.

2. Abiriba is the umbilical cord that ties Igbos to their bretheren in Ejeagham, Efik, Ibibio, Annang, Bakassi and all the way to parts of Ambazonia. Abiriba people of Bende in Abia State is by far the richest clan in Africa per capita and are the only Igbo group that use ‘ung or ong’ similar to that in Effi’ong or Ob’ong in their lexicon. Check out the writing on the cultural float in the second picture below.

3. Without prejudice to my fellow Biafrans in Bini that I love dearly, I want to ask those that carved out South South/Niger-Delta, what are the tangible cultural ties or affinity between the people of Cross River and Bini that led to put them together in a geopolitical unit? Because Abia State has EKPE and OKONKO cults which are bonded to cultures in Cross River & Akwa Ibom states.

My question therefore is, on what basis did Fulani Janjaweed determine who to include in their South South region when clearly the closest relatives to Cross River and Akwa Ibom is Abia?

Ibibios are Part of Biafra


PREDICTABLY, apostles and defenders of Janjaweedism with Ibiobio sounding fake accounts, have taken to social to deny verifiable history of Biafra following our lectures yesterday here on my wall. Suddenly they are no longer contending that Efik is Biafra given our well received expositions, rather what they are now trying to argue, albeit unconvincingly of course, is that Efik can be Biafra but Ibibio is not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Alimajiri with graduation gown! Can you imagine such magnified ignorance.

I have decided this glorious afternoon, before our earthquake of a gospel tonight, to shut up these buffoons, not just those claiming they are from Ibiobio, but starting from the blessed land of Ijaw.

Below is a snapshot of the treaty signed between the conniving colonising British and our traditional rulers across the coastal regions of Biafraland in the later part of 19th century. Mind you this was before they set foot on Biafran soil as a conquering army of colonisation.

As far back as 1875, way before they created the God forsaken #ZoologicalRepublic, His Imperial Britannic Majesty The King of England had a Representative, a Consul, an Emissary to Biafra.

Here comes my question thus:
1. If Biafra wasn’t a nation, why would the King of England and ruler of Great Britain have a diplomatic presence in the territories and waters of Biafra?

2. Can a great country like Britain send a Consul or Emissary to a nonexistent nation?

When was Nigeria created

1914 (1960 if you are a Nigerian)

When was Biafra created

Unknown (Biafra is older than history)

Is Niger-Delta a part of Biafra


Is Niger-Delta a part of Biafra?
Answer: In 1846 Britain knew and referred to
Calabar as Biafra- . So yes

When was Niger-Delta created and why

Niger Delta was create in the Late 1950s by the British to divide Biafrans and weaken us, thereby making
it easier for Biafraland to be conquered
by the Janjaweed.

Why do people refer to South of Biafra as Niger-Delta?

Because they are stupid and agents of
the Janjaweed caliphate.

Niger delta is part of Biafra

Britain knew our name was Biafra, they referred to us as such and noted same in all their treaties and documents with us but in 1914 they merged our blessed land with the Janjaweed North and Yoruba West that we have little or nothing in common with.
That was the beginning of our decline as a race which IPOB is fighting hard to correct.

Presbyterian Church of Nigeria was formed as the Presbyterian Church of BIAFRA in 1846 by the British. Something Luciferian Yoruba media will never tell you.

Evidences Biafra existed


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