ESN Hijack: Nnamdi Kanu replies Hope Uzodinma, say he wears Pampers due to Homosexual acts

Imo:Nnamdi Kanu sends strong Message to Hope Uzodinma, Britain

The Leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has replied Hope Uzodinma of Imo State who said IPOB Hijacked the Eastern Security Network.

Nnamdi Kanu said that Hope Uzodinma is wearing Pampers due to Homosexual acts he has been forced to undergo to become Governor of Imo State.

Governor of Imo State Hope Uzodimma has said that members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) hijacked the Eastern Security Network (ESN) from the Southeast governors after they had concluded plans to roll out the security outfit.

Recall that Nnamdi Kanu had launched the Eastern Security Network for the South East and South South area of Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu replying to Hope Uzodinma on Live Radio Broadcast said ”  Hope Uzodinma said Eastern governors said that I hijacked Eastern Security Network from them when they never got together to form any security outfit.”

“Anyway, Umahi was saying  five or six days ago that the thought of Eastwide security network is dead -That’s what they said and let me remind Hope Uzodinma; Eastern Security Network is everywhere across the entire East-In Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Bayelsa, we have ESN everywhere. It’s not an Igbo affair. I know they say is Igbo…Igbo… You keep deceiving yourselves that’s your business  because they know that ESN is formidable Everybody wants to identify with the beautiful bride, ESN.”

“Because ESN is doing something that the Nigeria army can not do, the Nigeria police can not do. Ha na-eme ihe anya na-ahu. (Your eyes see what they are doing.) Educated Men and Women, costing us a fortune and rightfully so. Do you people wonder where we get the money to support ESN from? Do you know where we get the money from? You don’t know! Have we ever come to you before for money to support ESN? That’s what is driving them mad! That these people they say can never be united; they don’t love themselves, are the same people behind IPOB, same people behind ESN, funding it everyday.”

You know they are shocked!! We have not come to them to beg them to give us money to fund ESN. Talking rubbish all the time. The only things is that he is on drugs or maybe that Aboki atakpola ya Dogoyaro n’onu”

“He forgot his boxers shot somewhere in the north, so he is talking like an Idiot!  Because he is like a woman…..eriala ya left, right and center Idiot wearing Pampers talking rubbish.”

“Hope Uzodinma, don’t you wear Pampers? Your fellow men destroyed you in a hotel in the north because you want to be governor….Ha ejide gi laa gi n’iyi😅 Nwoke Ibe gi dinaa gi n’ala….Oh!! that idiot, may Elohim has mercy upon you fool!!”

“Do you know how we came up with the name Eastern security Network? My happiness is that very shortly the west will adopt the same name and also the middle Belt.”

“Because we are very very formidable!! Next time you will not only forget your boxer short, you will forget your red cap there as well in the hotel room where your fellow man is rustling you because you want to be a governor. Look at how useless you are!! an idiot like you. From 419 to governor’s lodge. Shameless”

“You are a thief in Lagos, obtaining by tricks, lies and sending emails. So why won’t you lie against ESN, IPOB and against me?? After stealing and stealing; you are a criminal. Hope Uzodinma, can you travel to the US You are a rogue, you are thief, everyone knows you as a 419ner from there to governor’s lodge and you lied and did anything to become governor. You went to the north, they useless you and gave you a red cap and you came back and be talking rubbish!!”

Do you walk on a straight line?? You don’t know we know the tell tell signs of those who has been to the north and have been use from one Haruna to Abubarka, from Abubarka to Umar  you people don’t know? Iyiri Pampers na akpaghari n’Owerri na-ako inyo.. (Wearing Pampers talking rubbish)

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