ESN: Fulani Herdsmen runs for safety, abandons settlement in Uburu Ama-Chi Ebonyi

ESN: Fulani Herdsmen runs for safety abandon settlement in Uburu Ama-Chi Ebonyi

Fulani Herdsmen and their Family has ran away from their Settlement in Uburu Ama-Chi, Abakiliki, Ebonyi State following chase by the Eastern Security Network of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB commanded by Nnamdi Kanu.

The Commander of the Eastern Security Network, Nnamdi Kanu responding to Dave Umahi who said the Miyetti Allah/Fulani Herdsmen were not attacked release video evidence of Eastern Security Network chasing them.

Kanu said: “If you know Dave Umahi the Fulani Janjaweed slave in Ebonyi State Governor’s Lodge, tell him we have another video of very brave men of #ESN demolishing another Miyetti Allah terrorist training camp in UBURU AMA-ACHI in Abakaliki LGA.”

“Tell him our forest is not for the dwelling of terrorists from Mali & Sene-Gambia.  Umahi and his Janjaweed Police Commissioner can tag this video evidence whatever they like, but we believe that facts will continue to speak for itself.”

“Miyetti Allah Janjaweed terrorists in our forests should return to their Sahel from whence they came. Non-terrorists should check into one of the many Dave Umahi owned hotels in Abakaliki. ”

Igbo Efulefus, Ijaw traitors, Umahi, Nwike and other wretched unthinking Facebook intellectuals from the east, I want to ask you morons a simple question, which LAW sanctioned the formation of this Janjaweed security oufit in the north? How many state governors in the north passed laws in their respective states supporting them? Ndi Ara!
Efulefuism is a dangerous disease and we shall cure it this year.

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