ENDSARS: Inksnation Boss Promise to Pay Police Officers 300k monthly

EFCC declares Inksnation Boss, Omotade-Sparks wanted

The Founder of Inksnation, Amos Sewanu Omotade-Spark AKA UNIVERSAL DADDY INK has promised to Pay Nigeria Police Officers 300,000 Naira Monthly.

Inksnation Boss made the disclosure in a press release, He Said:

“Ending Sars doesn’t reform the Police Force rather Police Salaries should be increased to minimum of N300K Monthly, their counterparts in USA receives average of $2,000 Monthly.”

“To that effect InksNation DAO Foundation volunteers to pay a Minimum Basic Allowance starting from N300K Monthly to Police Officers and all Civil Servants if the government/CBN permits payment in Pinkoin Cryptocurrency through partnership with IPPIS.”

“This will lift lots of stress off the shoulder of the government and will stop civil servants strike action in the country. With a simple API integrations the Central Bank and Commercial Banks will also inherit a Minimum Reserve of over $856 Billion that can be used to pay off her debts while also givingthe Naira more value.”

“Our Inkrestation Financial System built on blockchain also comes with a minimum of N120k as Universal Basic Income for non working Nigerians.”

This made me concerned.
A hungry police man is an angry police man, in anger he is also holding a gun. Pls Ending SARS doesn’t solve the problem.

Poverty is the primary reason why people go into crime.

Go to every single government agency they like bribe like kilode. They love bribe like say na birthright.

It’s bcos their salaries are not enough, no provision for them talkless of for their families.

Imagine as he said it, it’s as bad as that, a police officer has to pay for his own uniform.
What else do you expect from such a system.

Let’s be moved with love, I don’t say their actions are good, I’m saying if you ENDSARS you have not ended the mindset that causes the problem neither have you ended the problem which are OFFSHOOTS of Poverty and Lack.

Pay them well and see that 70% – 80% of the problem will be solved.

I have been a victim of police brutality longtime ago but my responsible nature turned a big issue into a mild one.
Even I have had issues with EFCC self but that won’t make me hate them, infact no human being can make me hate them cos my orientation is different, we are staged against ourselves for the devils amusement, we are all victims of an inherited bad system.

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They are victims themselves of a faulty system.
Give us the grace to even reform them making them understand that its their duty to protect our national reserve understanding that each person that joins the blockchain adds $800,000 to the countries reserve that’s N320 Million Naira each which means that if one soul dies or leaves the blockchain $800,000 is lost, so for every 10 persons that dies $8 Million is lost instantly.
Put the entire 200 Million population of Nigeria on our blockchain which is backed by human assets and you get a reserve of a minimum of $144 Trillion currently the reserve is $4 Trillion.”

With an orientation like this lives would be valued, human lives will be precious, police will be courteous to waste $800,000 just like that, crime will decrease drastically. police will even have less worries bcos Nigerians are law abiding people but poverty and lack makes them think ahead and crime is born.
This is what we mean by Blockchain for Human Asset Development (inksLedger) where human lives are made the most valuable asset in every country. This is the new age of Human Asset Development “Humanity Over All Things” or “Humanity First”.

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