Edo Central for Next Governor – Okpebholo”

Edo Central for Next Governor – Okpebholo"

Sen. Monday Okpebholo, Akpakomiza, is the inaugural All Progressives Congress (APC) senator from Edo Central. He advocates for reciprocation from the people of Benin, citing his past support for their gubernatorial candidates and emphasizing the importance of adhering to the rotation of offices outlined in the party’s constitution. Akpakomiza asserts that his candidacy aligns with justice, equity, and fairness principles.

When questioned about his eligibility as the APC candidate, Akpakomiza points to his track record of supporting Benin candidates in previous elections—highlighting instances in 2012, 2016, and 2020. He argues that it is their turn to reciprocate the support, emphasizing the cyclical nature of political alliances. He underscores the need for unity among different tribes within Edo, emphasizing the reciprocity of support for the benefit of all communities.


Reflecting on Edo’s political history, Akpakomiza draws parallels between the legacies of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and Chief Ambrose Alli. According to him, both leaders prioritized education and made significant contributions to their respective regions. Akpakomiza sees himself as the torchbearer of their legacies, intending to continue their work in areas like education and infrastructure development.

Discussing his gubernatorial plans, Akpakomiza unveils a comprehensive five-point agenda aimed at transforming Edo. His primary focus is on security, promising to use government resources to combat criminal activities and ensure the safety of the people. He also addresses critical infrastructure, education, agriculture, and healthcare issues.


Regarding infrastructure, Akpakomiza vows to declare a state of emergency on roads and initiate extensive construction projects throughout Edo. He cites examples of successful road expansion projects initiated by Oshiomhole during his tenure. The candidate is committed to emulating these achievements and enhancing the state’s infrastructure.

Education emerges as another focal point for Akpakomiza, who laments the dilapidated state of many schools, contributing to a decline in enrollment. He attributes this to the perceived failure of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government in the state and pledges to revitalize the education system by addressing infrastructure deficiencies.

Agriculture is positioned as a key revenue source for Edo, and Akpakomiza proposes the introduction of mechanized farming alongside providing financial support to farmers. This, he believes, will not only boost the state’s agricultural output but also contribute to food security.

Addressing the state of healthcare, Akpakomiza criticizes the management of the only General Hospital built by Oshiomhole, asserting that it has been vandalized and mismanaged. He promises to revisit the healthcare system, focusing on rebuilding infrastructure and ensuring access to quality healthcare services for all residents.


Responding to queries about internal screening within the APC causing controversies, Akpakomiza appeals for understanding, stating that the rigorous exercise aims to streamline the number of candidates. He sees his emergence as one of the four candidates as a positive sign for Edo Central, emphasizing the rotational principle outlined in the APC constitution.

In conclusion, Akpakomiza reiterates his commitment to realizing the “Edo of our dream” and assures that he will swiftly address the state’s challenges once declared the winner. He positions himself as an experienced leader ready to score goals for Edo’s development, drawing on his past support for Benin candidates as evidence of his dedication to unity and reciprocity.


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