Drug abuse and and Misuses

drug abuse in nigeria
What is Drug

A drug is a substance that is made up of the combination of chemicals in a given calculated proportion for a particular purpose, being positive motive to solve or cure an ailment.

What is Drug Abuse

The Abuse is the act of taking drugs when one does not need to take it. Whereas the Misuse of drugs is the taking of drugs above the prescribed or directed way. That is to say, overdoes or taking drug improperly.

This is the continuation of Curbing The Menace Of Social Vices and on this we will be talking about drug, alcoholics and how it affect our society.

Drug Addiction occurs when drugs have been abused and misused consistently. When youth indulge in social vices, little by little they get addicted to drugs as they use it for fun in trying to get tipsy.

Cough syrups and plenty other drugs have been converted by the youth as a source of intoxicant in their own pleasing ways. The worse about what youth take these days is Indian hemp, cough syrups, pills, d25 refinol, tramadol, sniffing of powdery substances such as cocaine, alabokun, Andrews liver salt e.t.c Also, they inhale different inflammable solutions such as gum, such away pit and pms for to get high and tipsy.

All these substances are taken by the youth to catch fun in their said ways. Slangs are now used to show for the mood so derived by these youth. Slangs such as “am on metrix”, “am on slow” etc. youth forget that when one is on the influence of such substances, they do things that one could hardly or never do when they are normal.

All the decisions made when one is intoxicated is never yielded if one is not on such influence. They tend to agree to what they are supposed to frown at on a good normal day. They say yes to any member of their groups when a negative motion is moved. They become indecisive. Medically, it has been proven that some drugs induce the brain clockwise or anti-clockwise in an abnormal manner, such that some give excess strength whereas others make one to be very weak after usage.

Conversely, members of cult groups and other social vices tend to exploit these change of mood after taking drugs by the youth, and they end up committing crimes, killing, rape and terrorism among other forms of violent after taking drugs.

Most youth in jail and police custody.confess that it was what they took that influences them to perpetration of crimes and other illicit acts in regret as they beg, and some others deny to have indulge in such criminal acts, because they were really not in their right senses, and they were caught in the act. So, it is understood that they would have not been able to do such act if they were to be in their right senses.

Addiction to drug changes the normal regulation of the brain and youth mistakenly say, I take it for inspiration and hard work. Too bad because they see you as uncivilized, if you don’t do it. What about the health hazard? … Cancer has made it way by taking the life of many youth who smoke excessively. Youth in the influence of alcohol has caused several accidents in driving and it is on record that most road accidents are caused by alcoholics and drug addicts- confer; the Nigeria Road Safety Corporation for more details.

Many youth have gone mad on the street being the cause of drugs and alcohol abuse and misuse. Some indulge in rituals and become mad as the consequences boomerang.

The worst about drug misuse and abuse is prostitution and rape. Youth have been caught raping their parent in line with the instruction of their high priests in rituals and so on. Oh! They condescend.


Drugs have made so many talents to become lazy and beggars after selling their properties for the purchase of drugs. They wallow in poverty and wretchedness. Even when they are employed, they lose the jobs for alcoholism and drugs. It is a pity. Drugs and alcohol are responsible for many people’s wretchedness, due to the fact that its addiction led to taking of new discovery of other drugs and all intoxicating substances for upgrade.

Youth instead of focusing on their destinies, they make researches on drugs or substances that could get them high or very slow being an abnormal state of mind. They imbibe negative and odd approaches to life and become irresponsible. The most painful thing about drug addiction among youth is that a youth will not eat food or take any edible, but will concentrate on drug intake.

To the extent of using about ninety five percent (95%) of any money they have for drugs and five percent (5%) for food. Imagine a youth with one thousand naira (#1,000) Nigerian Currency. He or she will buy drugs worth nine hundred and fifty naira (950.00) and biscuit or fried yam of fifty naira (#50) yet, he or she will not be worried about such misplacement of priority.

Many youth become abnormal when cash is being given to them and are normal when they are hard up of cash. Imagine such situation. They use money to get mad and become okay when broke. Most poor parents today were made to languish in poverty due to what drugs and alcohol have made them to become. Some use the money meant for investments when they were youth as money for show up in different beer parlours.

They buy drinks for even people who are richer than themselves due to the influence of substance and they regret it when their eyes clear but such cash never returns or yield any dividend. Youth use different phrases for consolation and praises to themselves. Phrases like “my partner in crime” and “my brother from another mother”. They make nickname from the beer parlours especially when they are high or very slow take one beer for my head etc.


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