Curbing The Menace Of Social Vices

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Social vices is an act of indiscipline. They are those acts and conditions that violate the societal norms and values. They are habits or behaviours of immoral activities such as cultism, robbery, ritual killing, kidnapping, smoking and drug peddling etc.

The word “vices” came from a Latin word “Vitium” meaning defect or failing.
It is rare to find a school or an institution void of social vices. This depicts that they are found in educational cantersprimary, secondary and tertiary and the environment around us. Vices are common among young males and females, examples include prostitution, indecent dressing, robbery, cultism, pocket picking, drug addiction, examination malpractice, hooliganism thuggery, gambling, Smoking, premarital sexual activities and rape. Recently it has developed to militancy and terrorism among others social vices are bad traits, unhealthy and negative behaviours that are against the morality of a society.

Peer Group

This is the major cause of youth involvement in vices. Students (youth) spend more time with their friends at school or at home. Due to their weak nature and tender age, they can easily be influenced. Children have high level of curiosity to learn, to have fun and practice new things, since they are born with tabular rasa thus, making them smoke, agree with the proverb that says “show me your friends, and I will tell who you are “because it shows the significance of friends and how they influence lives.

A child tends to behave like his or her friend so be labelled as cowards, JJCS, uncivilised or crude. A child who move with children that loves academics can be like them in no time and cannot be lured to the short-cuts to success such as examination malpractices. Being a virgin which was once a thing of pride has now turned to object of ridicule among youth.

An innocent girl will want to experiment what her friends do and may be pushed into sexual activities in tender age. A youth who does not smoke Indian hemp will want to try it to prove that he can belong, rather than being called a Jew man. And such trend goes on and on. Unfortunately if luck run out of such novices they go hey wire in life.

Lack of parental responsibility: Another factor that leads to vices is negligence by the parents or broken home. Most children that engage themselves in vices are from broken homes.

Lack of parental care, supervision and attention can make a child engage in social vices. Children from the permissive and uninvolved parenting styles fall mostly into these traps. They move with wrong people, their movement are not queried, their academic progress is not being followed up. Freedom to do anything without being probed affect children negatively.


Negligent of parents can make the wards turn to their friends for love, emotions, care, advice that can lure them into deadly acts. An abandoned girl looks up to an opposite sex for love and affection, vice versa. Some maids, house helps, family members and neighbours who are always around the children in the absent of parents can introduce these to children like sexually, warn and threaten them not to tell anyone. Even if the bold ones are determined to confide in their parents, they (the parents) may be too busy or occupied to listen and see through things.

This lack of indiscipline which interfere with the teaching and learning process, manifest itself in various ways including bullying, vandalism, alcoholic and substance
abuse, truancy, inability or unwillingness to do homes works.

Causes of indiscipline in secondary schools in Nigeria to include authoritarian methods, bad staff behaviours, harsh schools rules, poor communication results, lack of adequate schools facilities, influence from home and society.


Authoritarian method

According to Chandra Hawley (1996) This method of authoritarian is typical when a leader places firm limits and controls on the students. Students will often have assigned seats for the entire term. The desks are usually in straight rows and there are no deviations.

Students must be in their seats at the beginning of the class and they frequently remain there throughout the period. This teacher rarely gives hall passes or recognizes excused absences. Students do not interrupt the teacher. In this method, since verbal exchange and discussion are discouraged, the authoritarian’s students do not have the opportunity to learn and, or practice communication skills This teacher prefers vigorous discipline and expects swift obedience Failure to obey the teacher usually results in detention or trip to the principal’s office.

In this class room, students need to follow directions and not ask why. Students in this class are likely to be reluctant to initiate activity, since they may feel powerless. Such students easily get subscribed to truancy and other forms of indiscipline. At the extreme, the authoritarian teacher gives no indication that he or she cares for the students. Mr Doe is a good example of an authoritarian teacher. His students receive praise and encouragement infrequently, if at all. Also, he makes no effort to organise activities such as field trips etc.

Bad staff bebaviour:

These are behaviours that work against the progress of the school authority and its running. Behaviours such as being reluctant to the duties assigned as a teacher, the sour apple as a teacher, the sour apple, which are staff that bad- mouth the school using negative applications, they also poison the minds of other staff in their actions. Another bad behaviours is eyeservice, which is the trickish way of doing work for just lip services and instant encomiums. The disappearing act is also typical of bad behavioural staff. Others are illegal activities in the school such as defying a young female students by male teacher.

Harsh school rules

This looks synonymous to the authoritarian teacher, but in this case the whole school is affected. It tends to be too firm and control prone where even games are rarely common and students become timid, but become undisciplined because of lack of civilization. Homosexuality and lesbianism become rampart because of harsh school rules. Inferiority complex and introverts are mostly developed among such school students.

Lack of adequate school Facilities.

This is a situation whereby a school lack all necessary learning materials such as equipped laboratories, library and other needful that enhance learning or the things that make learning easy. The lack of it may make students to divert their attention to other acts due to because of it.

Poor communication

A situation where there is a poor communication between the teachers and the students, the students are likely to be un-oriented, as such, they indulge in wrong acts because they are uninformed The students need a good and upgraded communication skills for assimilation


Result is one thing that encourages or discourages a student in the school. A poor result is capable of making a student divert his or her attention from the supposed learning exercise into playing of truants and other acts of indiscipline.

Influence from home and society

The environment and home a student come from can be a factor that could lead to indiscipline and insubordination. A child from an indiscipline home and society will always display acts of indiscipline as it is very contagious and persuasive in character. You cannot offer what you do not have, simple!.

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