Criticize President Buhari; Don’t Insult Him



It is becoming almost second nature for most Nigerians, both the educated and non-educated classes, to cross the line while pouring out their hearts on national issues. I agree, there are ample question marks on how the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government has acted on and reacted to socio-political, economic, and religious matters; spanning from federal character, insurgency, ethno-religious skirmishes, education, malfeasance, to now presidential invisibility before this coronavirus pandemic.

Naturally, we feel betrayed, used, and insignificant to the presidency. Not paling in comparison to status-quo that should be, your feelings are indeed valid. But letting this emotional pain lead you to hurl insults of all sorts at President Buhari, as rampant online, is an overreaction. As you call him unprintable, reprehensible names and ridicule him through jokes/memes, remember he is fallible, someone’s husband, father, uncle, grandfather, and holds office of President of Nigeria. It is enough to beg to differ with and criticize constructively his leadership style plus policies. Using constitutional and moral means to show displeasure are in order. Look emotional intelligence’s way.



Disturbingly, some people even wish Buhari death, hoping news of his demise filters in soonest. If that’s not a representation of the Scriptures’ observation that “The heart of man is desperately wicked,” then it must be of something worse. If you fall in this category, kindly stop now! Such comments are humor taken too far.

As events unfold and we watch with disappointment, anticipating the National Assembly does the needful and saves the day, let us (Nigerians) amplify our voices to be critically loud enough, not insulting enough.

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