Coronavirus: Reps reject motion to evacuate Nigerians from China

PIB: Drama in Nigeria House of Reps as members exchange tough blows

The dreaded coronavirus has continued spreading and as to this many people are at risk to get contacted to it.

Meanwhile Members of the House of Representatives rejected a motion calling for the evacuation of Nigerians in Wuhan, China over fears of contacting the dreaded coronavirus.

Wuhan is the city where the dreaded coronavirus emanated from with Nigerians resident there reportedly sending in a Save Our Souls message to return home.

Hon. Ben Kalu had sought the permission of the House to move a motion of urgent public importance on the need to evacuate Nigerians from the city.

A stunned Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila fought to ensure the motion was moved by Kali but members moved against it as the Chamber became rowdy.

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Deputy House Leader however sought to withdraw the motion in view of the stand of the members.

The Speaker appealed for the motion to be moved but members will not allow the motion, insisting that China has better facilities to take care of the virus.

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