Coronavirus Hits 1095 in Nigeria

Coronavirus Cases in Nigeria has just hit 1095 with a total of 114 cases added lately.

80 in Lagos 21 in Gombe 5 in FCT 2 in Zamfara 2 in Edo 1 in Ogun 1 in Oyo 1 in Kaduna 1 in Sokoto were added

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC report that 114 new cases of #COVID19 have been confirmed

“80 in Lagos, 21 in Gombe, 5 in FCT, 2 in Zamfara, 2 in Edo, 1 in Ogun 1 in Oyo,1 in Kaduna and 1 in Sokoto.

“As at 11:30 pm 24th April there are 1095 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria.

“Discharged: 208. Deaths: 32”

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Lagos-657 FCT-138 Kano-73 Ogun-35 Gombe-30 Katsina-21 Osun-20 Edo-19 Oyo-18 Borno-12 Kwara-11 Akwa Ibom-11 Kaduna-10 Bauchi-8 Delta-6 Ekiti-4 Ondo-3 Rivers-3 Jigawa-2 Enugu-2 Niger-2 Abia-2 Zamfara-2 Sokoto-2 Benue-1 Anambra-1 Adamawa-1 Plateau-1


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