Buhari Mesaage to Nigerians For State Elections (Video)

The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari has indeed Released a video to condole the death of people and others who secured injuries in the Just concluded polls.

He also urge Nigerians to conduct themselves and come out to vote for their candidature of their choice.

The President said:

The second and final phase of the 2019 general elections comes up on Saturday, March 9, with Nigerians voting for governors and members of Houses of Assembly in the states.

Let me once again extend my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives or sustained injuries as a result of accidents or criminal violence during the elections.

The onus is once again on qualified people to turn out in large numbers to exercise their civic rights.

With the presidential poll behind us, let us not become complacent, and fail to vote in the gubernatorial poll. The forthcoming elections are as important for good governance as that of the presidency and the National Assembly.

Indeed, governance at the state level is closer to us, and should touch our lives more directly. That is why it is vital for us to participate in the choice of who governs us at the state levels.

I, therefore, urge you to troop out massively on Saturday to elect your governors and state lawmakers.

As a member of the All Progressives Congress, I recommend those standing on the platform of the party to you, as we are guided by progressive ideals, and we will not disappoint you.

Equally, I urge you to comport yourself properly, as you turn out for the election. Avoid all deviant behaviours like ballot stuffing, ballot snatching, and any other action that does not conform with best electoral practices.

Nigerians has also reacted to this:

Abubakar Uba Tijjani

This is a different election. We are the ones to decide for our future not you… What if the ones in your party are not the correct people should we vote for them again, as you know not all people are good like you nowadays mr president.

Your Excellency sir, Would you be comfortable if a minor party called APM win in Ogun State? We’re disappointed at the free reign of terror unleashed on your great party APC by your bedroom friend and financier. Pls take a decisive action immediately n call Amosun to order.



Mohammed Usman
your right Mr president, nice speech , Wish all us the best.

Ukashat usman yabo

#No to injustice #We demand justice #Free our leader Sayyid Zakzaky hf

Ridwan Salis

AdamuAliyuMusa ( ONE BOI ADAMS)
BAUCHI STATE! No more sak!!!

Mukhtar Ahmed
Thanks for your immensely concern and we wish our political party PDP to win the Saturday coming election…KANO sai ABBA insha’allahu.

[email protected]
Congratulations, We only hope and pray that you will govern the country better than what you are doing now. Your performance now is not the best at all. You have so many areas of improvement. All the best.

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