BREAKING: Nnamdi Kanu declares Full War to End Nigeria

Nnamdi kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB and also the Radio Biafra Director has declared full blown war to end Nigeria as ENDSARS protest enters phase two.

The Biafran leader has vowed to go into the Forest until Nigeria is destroyed If the Nigeria Army shoot at innocent protesters calling for an end to Police Brutality.

Over the weeks youths in Nigeria has come out in great  numbers to put an end the gruesome brutality minted to them by people who are to safeguard and protect them, the Nigeria Police.

With what seems to have escalated to a revolution in Nigeria, The Nigeria Army was seen in disturbing videos shooting at armless protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos Nigeria. See Video.

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20th of October  has already be termed as Lekki Massacre a day that numerous Nigeria Youths turned fallen heroes; youths demanding for  better Nigeria and even calling for better pay for the Nigeria Police, Many has said they will never forget the Black Tuesday.

In fulfilment of the vow Nnamdi Kanu made he has ordered a war which has already begun, in a broadcast monitored by AUTHENTIC NEWS GIANT Lagos team, the Biafra leader ordered the Governor of Abia State Okezie Ikpeazu to be killed.

Nnamdi Kanu also ordered for All Police Men and Military Personnel seen in around the ancient land of Aba and environs to be killed.

The Biafra leader also ordered Destruction of all Government properties including Murtala Muhammad Airport to be brought down.

Nnamdi Kanu also ordered Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Oriental Hotel to be brought down.

Nnamdi Kanu ordered the Dangote Tankers and all pipelines to be destroyed Nationwide.

The Biafra leader ordered the new flag of Nigeria revolution to be  Green white and red.

Here are some of Nnamdi Kanu Transcript

Wherever you see Nigeria Army attack them and Kill them, Whereever you see Nigeria Police convoy attack them and Kill them
Anybody with a Police, Army uniform is an enemy of the People; Kill them they are human beings and they also bleed

From the Street we are going in to bushes and it is over for Nigeria

“Once you are a Police man or Army and you come out from your house, you are dead”

“I hereby order All family members to get ready for the Battle”

“Anywhere Tinubu is seen, he should be stoned, he is the problem, he is the enemy.”

“Murtala Mohammed Airport should be on Fire”

“Since they want the World to hear the News they will surely hear it”

“Oriental Hotel belonging to Tinubu was also ordered by Nnamdi Kanu to be burnt down”

The New Flag for Nigeria Revolution is Green, white and Red

“Everything that is Federal Government Property should be destroyed”

“All Pipelines should be destroyed.”

“Dangote Tankers should also be set on fire.”

“I told them once you kill people, the game changes, No forgiveness!.”

“Every Tinubu investment must be destroyed.”

“I want every Police Station in Aba destroyed”

“Nigeria wants Anarchy, we give them Anarchy.”

“After All Has been destroyed, we move into the bushes and the War has started”

“Don’t touch schools, Don’t Touch Hospitals, Don’t Touch Media houses.”

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