BMOT: Bull Members Organisation Token – All you need to Know

BMOT: Bull Members Organisation Token

The financial system is evolving fast, and digital currencies are gaining more acceptance. But then, even as the crypto world is eating deep into the financial system the knowledge of cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology is far stretched.

A lot of people don’t really understand how it works, but yet they use it, whereas others are yet to accept it.

Bull Network Organization is the first Africa Digital Agency that allows users to easily learn, earn, and network without any previous knowledge or startup capital.

What is BMOT?
BMOT is the official Utility token of Bull Network Organization. The ultimate goals of Bull Members Organization token (BMOT) is to be the all – in – one solution and offer a wide array of services from the market to finance and a self-sustaining system for innovative projects such as START-UP.

The Uses & Benefit of BMOT Holders

Instant Exchange

BMOT token holders can instantly swap any currency of their choice.


Stake BMOT and earn passive income every single day.


Use BMOT to pay for products or services online.


The Roadmap of BMOT It’s been a fun trip

December 2020- Research & Development

The origin of the BMOT platform idea. Development concept and business plan.

February 2021 – Proof of concept

Development of BMOT platform model and use case integration, whitepaper, and official website. Website launch and partnership for adoption.

March 2021 Bounty Sale

Trading in, presale rounds for new onboarded investors, stakeholders, and people from the community.

April 2021 – MVP Platform

Launch of Bull Network 24AIG (24hours Autopilot Income Generator), and startup idea for other products.

July 2021 Global market expansion

Coming in partnership terms with various businesses, brands, people for adoption of BMOT token

WHY SHOULD YOU BUY BMOT(Bull Member Organization Token)

(1️⃣)BMOT has only 1Million Supply, hence could bring up the Token scarcity

The organization is currently in partnership with different companies e.g Harmonweb,Studentcoin(A blockchain project) and Biteris). The Token already has it own use cases (i.e can be used to pay for Domain and Hosting at Harmonweb) even at it’s early stage, guess what will happen when we go viral

There were upcoming Topnotch irresistible high income paying product in the organization which will be purchased with BMOT(Serving as utility token within the organization

Aside that our Team are here to help you understand, and make money from not just cryptocurrency, but also on several Businesses, either the one you are running or about to start

As it always be, incredible profit will be made by those individuals that who are wise enough to get involved in a promising project like ours

Currently we are running a Bounty sale of 50% of the BMOT TOKEN, to pump the price on May from $0.08 to $2+ and up to $100 before December, due to the little. supply.

The Bounty sale will occur in two phases.
1 Phase.
It will sell for $0.08
ends on 30th March.
2nd Phase.
It will sell for $0.1
From April 1, to 30th


How to Make More Money from the BMOT Bounty Sale

There’s always an opportunity for you to make an extra buck during our presale, and that’s what we are about to explain here. Whether an old or new investor, you can join the BMOT bounty sale and make a lot of money base on your work or impact on the project. But how?

To be able to make money from the BMOT Bounty sale, you will need to have an account on our staking portal.

Copy your referral code, and ensure your referral for the buys and stake their BMOT holding using your affiliate link or code, and you will get 7% from their total stake, while they get 50% ROI in 30days. It a win-win program.

The BMOT is powered by Waves blockchain which is designed to enable users to create and launch custom crypto tokens.

Waves allows for the creation and trade of crypto tokens without the need for extensive smart contract programming. Rather, tokens can be created and managed via scripts that run in user accounts on the Waves blockchain.

What is Bull Network Organization

bull network organization

Bull Network Organization is a Digital Agency that is building Africa’s first Biggest Crypto – Digital Community for easy tokenization of people, firms, startups, and finance.

With the Bull Members Organization Token (BMOT) people and organizations can fund their brands, and manage their utility bills.

We have come to enhance the acceptance of cryptocurrency, sharing knowledge and expertise of various high income skills, and also creating avenues where people can slowly get into the game without fear of loss or a lucky guess.

Bull Network Organization build the Bull Network Community that allows for FREE Mentorship in various businesses such as:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blogging/SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Start-up
  • Financial Education
  • Trading
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Investing, and more.

The aim of Bull Network Organization is to groom people with working skills that can yield income in real-time. Bull Network is run by students, entrepreneurs from different countries.

Bull Network Business Model: Our Core Marketing Strategy

Bull Network Business model is a disruptive one. It is focused on creating the educational ecosystem and platform for businesses with BMOT as the reference currency.

Bull Network attempts to create a digital community and a platform for brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs, which will maximally benefit from the organization.

The whole project is based on the fundamentals and accrued value of the native, digital BMOT token and the real, unique solutions that can be provided by blockchain-based assets.

The BMOT token will power the Bull Network Organization, grant access to the full product and services, and work as the main reference currency at Bull Community.

Moreover, the world’s education is struggling with digital transformation. Education is a defined market that grows year to year and creates sustainable demand, without big macroeconomic swings.

This is why we fully focus on the long-term and stable development of the project and the flexibility of our Bull Network Organization.

We would like to achieve all our goals through the stable and deliberate growth of our project, consistent with the progress made in the last few months.

Bull Network Business Model Market Competition and Insights

Fortunately, the sector of education, and the connection between businesses, brands, and people, is not competitive in the current market.

Most of the crypto projects are focused on transaction technology, smart contracts, dApps, while the education sector is dominated by the Bull Network

There are, however, few projects that can compete with Student Coins in some particular sectors of the ecosystem, or seem to have the same target group:

  • Bitjob (currently an extinct project) – a dead token that aimed to create the decentralized marketplace for students; Student Coin competes with BitJob only in terms of SEO.
  • ODEM – a first decentralized educational platform, the project that aims to create a marketplace for courses and students. This venture also works in the same sector, however, solves completely different needs.

Regarding the non-crypto competitors, the Bull Network business model connects the world of blockchain-based technology, services, and standard education.

Currently, there are no projects that would like to fill this gap, however, some possible initiatives may arise at universities that would try to tokenize themselves.

Hopefully, our development plan is flexible and easily switchable to fit into any market situation and works like the real decentralized educational ecosystem.

What is BMOT Token?

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BMOT token is a core of the Bull Network Organization platform. The BMOT token is being traded at BMOT is a blockchain-based secure utility token that has real fundamental value.

BMOT token aims to develop the Bull Network Organization in the long term to become the biggest Africa Crypto–Digital Community.

BMOT operates on waves blockchain.

What is the Fundamental Value of BMOT Token?

BMOT token has a range of utilities that are based on the real blockchain utilities. Mainly, BMOT will be used by Bull Members to fund their business, pay off bills and utilities, and also trade BMOT for other currencies.

What is the difference between Bull Network Organization and Other Projects?

Bull Network Organization started as an educational and high-income skill acquisition-based project. The Bull Network Organization aims to build the long-term solution for the real fundamental values of Cryptocurrency, startups, and Digital Skills.

Bull Network connects people, businesses, brands, the rapidly growing sector, and the long-term vision of the development. These factors will make Bull Network Organization the next big thing.

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