Big Brother Naija Level 1 First Diary Session – Housemates Expresses Themselves To Biggie

Big Brother Naija Level 1 First Diary Session - Housemates Expresses Themselves To Biggie

Big Brother saw the need to engage the Level 1 Housemates in their first Diary Session of the season 7, after yesterday’s riveting Diary Session from the Housemates in Level 2

The first of the Housemates to step into the Diary Roon was Bella. She told Biggie that she is settling in well and after a long winded account of how she made it onto the Big Brother House, Bella told Biggie that she was happy she to join this Season of the show.

She said she was surprised to have made friends with her fellow Level 1 Housemate and that she was happy to see Chrysty O.


Adekunle followed soon after and explained to Big Brother that he felt that the Level 2 Housemates were more energetic than his fellow Leve 1 Housemates. When Biggie asked what he thinks his chances are of winning the seventh season of Big Brother, he said it was too soon to tell.

Doyin told Biggie that she was happy to be in the Level 1 House because of the mutual respect that she shares with her fellow Housemates. When Big Brother asked her what her impressions of the Level 2 Housemates were, she said that she didn’t think that she would get along with them.


She recounted an incident during the HOH Games where one of the girls confronted her for bumping into her and she felt she was wrongly accused.

Dotun was called next into the Diary Room where Biggie asked him how he felt about being in the Big Brother House. He said it was an exciting experience for him and is happy to be on the show.

When Biggie asked Dotun about the dynamics in the House, he said he felt the Housemates were getting along but that he felt he is in a good position to showcase what he is made of as he is more than just his looks.

Up next was Allysyn who told Biggie that she is enjoying the bonding sessions that she has with her fellow Housemates. She said has formed friendships with most of her fellow Housemates except for Chomzy because she doesn’t understand her personality.


When Biggie asked what she thinks her chances of winning are, she admitted that she feels she stands a very good chance of winning because of her the kind of person that she is.

Giddyfia entered the Diary Room after Allysyn and explained to Biggie that he was having the time of his life.

He said he didn’t expect to have as much fun as he is having with his fellow Housemates.

Confident in his chances, Giddyfia told Biggie that he felt confident in his chances of winning, claiming that the feeling he has is a novelty for him, but that he is going to trust it.

Sharing in Giddyfia’s sentiments, Chomzy told Big Brother that she is 99% confident in her chances of winning the ultimate prize.

She started her Diary Session on a positive note, telling Biggies that she is enjoying getting to know the HMs and that her being in the Big Brother House was a life-changing opportunity for her.

Hermes was up next and he promptly gave an account of his life outside the House and how surreal it felt for him to be a part of the show.

He gave a bird’s eye view of the different projects that he would like to further and revealed that making it into the House makes him feel like a winner already.

Diana started off her Diary Session with nothing but praise for her fellow Housemates. She told Biggie that she appreciates the fact that they are friendly, respectful and helpful.

She said that getting into the Big Brother House was stressful and challenging as she was met with a lengthy process that she was not ready for.

When asked about the Level 2 Housemates, Diana said that she sensed a hint of discord amongst them in the Arena.

Sheggz started off his Diary Session with a note of appreciation for being in the Big Brother House.

He said that his fellow Housemates have been cool to live with and used the same adjective to describe his Level 2 counterparts.

He kept his session short by ending his chat with Biggie by saying that he feels everyone has the exact same shot at winning the prize.

When called into the Diary Room, Chichi strutted her stuff and teased her Housemates saying she will enter the Diary Room like the baddy that she is.

Chichi admitted to Biggie that she felt overwhelmed by being in the Big Brother House and recounted how emotional she was during the Live Show when she entered the House.

Chichi felt that the Level 2 Housemates were full of energy and vibes.

Eloswag was called in last and he took the chance to properly open up to Biggie. After expressing his delight at being in the Big Brother House, he quickly complained about the cold temperatures in the House as well as the Hot water not being hot enough.

When Biggie asked him about the Level 2 Housemates, he boldly said that he found the ladies in the second House cute, energetic and loud.

The underlying theme during Level 1’s first Diary Session was confidence in winning the grand prize and disapproval of the temperatures in the house.

Some were bold enough to request for the air conditioner to be reduced but Big Brother didn’t give either of them a decisive response except for the fact that he would look into it.


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