Best Schools To Study English In Nigeria

Best Schools To Study English In Nigeria

Best universities to study English in Nigeria: English is one of the most competitive and prestigious art course in Nigeria. It is also one of the

best art course in Nigeria. because there are many opportunities that are open to graduates of English in the world today.
Nonetheless, the success of any English graduate today largely depends on the institution he/she attended. While I was speaking to a Professor last week, he noted that one of the secrets that contributed to the growth of some of the top English graduate in Nigeria is the university they attended.


Believe it or not, the school you choose to attend, actually goes a long way to decide how successful you will become in your profession. This is actually why i always advice my students to conduct thorough research before applying for admission in any university.

Well, if you are aspiring to study English and you are yet to decide which university to attend, thank God that you found this article on time. Today, i will disclose the best ten(10) Universities to study English in Nigeria.

As I said, this article is meant to guide students when making their choices of institution. It is also important to know that the Universities mentioned here were not just fabricated from the air. A thorough research was actually conducted before we reached this list.

Best Universities To Study English In Nigeria.


University of Ibadan (UI)
















Covenant University



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