Before the Elections in Nigeria

before the election in Nigeria

Elections comes and goes in various nations and even the globe but most likely the elections in Nigeria is filled of many surprises and erratic and unpredictable.

Firstly, let’s talk about what an election is and what happen before an electi\


I tend to talk about the things that happen before every Election is carried out particularly in Nigeria.

Democratic dispensation or Democracy started in Nigeria in 1999 where Obasanjo won with about 63%.

After the 1999 Democratic switch over, Nigeria Elections has been filled up with unpredictable “Election games” Although in our upcoming Publication we will put in detail what Election games is all about.

Party Manifesto

It is expected of every Political Party to present their intention to the General Public to decipher on who has the most viable promising future for the State.

we will continue in the Next Article

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