BBNaija Level Up: Beauty Gets Upset For Groovy Refusing To Kiss Her

BBNaija Level Up: Beauty Gets Upset For Groovy Refusing To Kiss Her

The two BBnaija Level Up Housemates Beauty and Groovy who seems to have a strong bond and connections between each other was seem having some misunderstandings.

It all started when the Level 2 Housemates decided to play a game of Truth or Dare.

Everything was going well until Beauty was dared to kiss Groovy, probably because their fellow Housemates were noticing the connection too.

Groovy however refused the kiss, leaving Beauty feeling slighted. She complained that Groovy was being uptight and left the game.

Groovy then followed her to the bedroom and tried to explain why he had declined.

“I feel like it’s a bit too early for this”. He continued to explain his reason, but when Beauty didn’t seem to let it go, he told her “If I am out of the picture, would it not be easier for you to do what you’re here to do?”

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After a back and forth that saw the duo stating their respective positions, Beauty told him everything was confusing at this point. “I can be cranky for other things, but not this. This whole process is a lot for me,” she said.

This morning, when cool heads had prevailed, Beauty found Groovy and asked for a chat, to which he obliged. She then apologised for overreacting.

Groovy accepted the apology and the pair decided to have a fresh start with their friendship.

Later on, Groovy made sure to get Beauty everything she needed when she complained about feeling ill. “Maybe it’s malaria. Did you get a smoothie? Do you want one?” he said.

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