BBNaija Level Up: All You Need To Know About Level 2 Diary Sessions

BBNaija Level Up: All You Need To Know About Level 2 Diary Sessions

Big Brother  called in all the 12 Level 2 Housemates to conduct the Eviction Diary Room Session. Most of them seemed quite nervous, but Biggie asked all of them two standard questions. He first asked how the week in the House has been, and who they think would be Evicted tonight.

The first Level 2 Housemate to chat with Biggie was Daniella. Biggie asked her what would happen if she was evicted, and she responded by stating that she is not ready to leave the House. She chose Bryann or Cyph as the potential Housemates to be Evicted tonight because they were the two top contenders at the Head of House Games.

Her session was followed by Kess who described his time in the House as fun, especially because he is a huge fan of the show. It’s been an exciting time for him, and the show has maintained its shock factor. In terms of Evictions, he has no idea who would be evicted, both in Level 1 or 2.


Phyna was the next Housemate to sit and chat with Biggie. She reckons an Eviction would destabilise the House because the Housemates have created such close bonds with each other. She does not know who might get Evicted tonight. Her time in the House has been fun and she is glad to have made it into the House in the first place.

Bryann’s Diary Session started with some tension. He had to explain why he kept Biggie waiting, and he apologised profusely. The experience of being in the House has been surreal because, in this one week, he has established connections with people he has never met before.


Answering the question on Eviction, his heavy sigh was followed by Khalid, Cyph and himself because they had most screentime during the Head of House Games. He thinks his energy might also present him as a threat to his fellow Housemates.

Pharmsavi stepped into the Diary Room and said his time in the House has been exciting, and full of fun, and is grateful for the opportunity to meet new people. He also echoed the same sentiments as Bryann regarding Eviction. He thinks Bryann and Khalid might be going home due to the HoH games.

Beauty’s session started with a request to remove her glasses. Her stay has been interesting for her. It’s the first time in her life that she stays with people from different walks of life. It’s been fun, but also has had clashes. She can’t say who will be getting Evicted today but states that anyone, including herself, can be up for Eviction.

For Cyph, the week has been exciting and challenging. He has learned a lot about people’s personalities and has been intrigued. His potential Evictions include himself, Bryann, Khalid, Phyna and Amaka. He thinks he and Bryann are perceived as a threat in the House and would be eliminated.


So far, the House has been good for Christy O. She has learned a lot and has had a lot of fun. She has no idea who might be evicted this week. This was the shortest Diary Session of the day.

Khalid told Biggie in his Diary Session that being in his House has been the greatest opportunity of his life. He loves the opportunity has received to meet new people. Khalid thinks Christy O might be up for Eviction. He reckons she is smart but is not yet bringing the drama that people are looking forward to when tuning into the show.

Amaka thinks her time has been short but fun. Does she think she is up for Eviction?

Groovy’s time has been a rollercoaster ride. It’s been a lot of fun, although there were some lows, especially with Beauty. Overall, for him, it’s been “vibes on vibes.” The time for him has been about showing people what he can do and hopes that his time can continue on the show, especially as the first person who walked into the House.

He calls his fellow Housemates “wonderful people,” and believes he brought the Groovy vibe and is looking forward to what else he can bring into the House.

He reckons Amaka did not get enough time to get to know other people well, and might be up for Eviction tonight.


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