BBNaija Level 1: Hermes Wins Head Of House For This Week

BBNaija Level 1: Hermes Wins Head Of House For This Week

Hermes of Big Brother Level 1 Housemates has made another history for level 1, this is the second time that Level 1 wins the Head of House challenge.

The Head of House Challenge meant another reunion for the Level 1 and Level 2 Housemates but unlike at the Saturday Night Party, where they last met, the stakes were high tonight as each of the 23 Housemates would be battling it out for the title of Head of House.

As incumbent Head of House, Eloswag, was not eligible to participate in this week’s HoH Challenge. Other bystanders were Deji and Modella by virtue of being new Housemates.


As HoH, Hermes will enjoy Immunity from this week’s possible Eviction, immunity for the Head of House’s Level and sole power to Nominate.

Mechanics of Week 2 HoH Challenge


There are 2 challenges, For the first challenge there are 23 bowls, each with 10 toy wrist watches in them. The watches have been set to the same time, your challenge is to set each wrist watch to 4 o’clock.

Once a wrist watch has been set to 4 o’clock, you are to place the wrist watch on the stool next to the bowl. This challenge is timed for 5 minutes only.

The 5 Housemates with the quickest time in completing this challenge will proceed to the next round. The challenge is simple. Set the wristwatches to 4 o’clock. The longer hand is the minute hand, this should be set to 12. The shorter hand is the hour hand and this should be set to 4.

Housemates were asked to pick a stool, stand by it, place their name tag on the stool for easy identification and wait for the buzzer to start the challenge.


There was complete silence as the Housemates tried their level best to get the hands moving in the right direction.

Before Big Brother announced the results of the first round, there was indistinct murmur in the Arena as Housemates mourned about their shortcomings in the challenge. Meanwhile, the Ninjas scrutinised each of the eight wrist watches on all the stools to determine who would make it to the next round. There was no ignoring Hermes meditating

However, the Game had to continue and Big Brother announced that though Level 1’s Chomzy and Level 2’s Khalid, both finished the change the quickest but some of their wrist watches failed to tell the time accurately and they were disqualified from proceeding to the next phase.

Level 1’s Dotun and Hermes as well as Level 2’s Cyph, qualified for the next Challenge. This would be the second time in a row for Cyph and Dotun to make it this far in the HoH Challenge.

Dotun asked if they could use their hands to drop the ball to which Big Brother responded in the affirmative.

The Decider Challenge

There are 5 basins of balls on one end of the Arena, and there are 5 empty basins at the other of the Arena. You must move the balls from the basins of balls to the empty basins by placing the balls between your knees. You are not permitted to use your hands to touch the balls beyond the marked areas. That is the start and finish point.

If your ball falls while you are in transit, you must start again. A Ninja will show you the start point and an example of how you should place the ball between your knees. This challenge will also run for 5 minutes and the housemate with the best performance at the end of the 5 minutes will be crowned Head of House.

Dotun was first to drop his ball and had to return to the start and so did Hermes while Cyph seemed to have the hang of it at first. It didn’t take Hermes long to master the art of the game and opted to take it slow as opposed to bouncing all over the place, a tactic that the other two contenders quickly adopted.

Dotun’s hopping didn’t seem to take him very far, what for his track pants dropping and disturbing his flow. Hermes went in with his initial strategy and perhaps his short shorts aided his game.


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