ARCHIVE: Minutes Of 2010 Meeting Chaired By Pantami To Fight Christianity

ARCHIVE: Minutes Of 2010 Meeting Chaired By Pantami To Fight Christianity


This meeting is born out the growing antagonism, hardship and how the Christians in Nigeria are attacking and despising the religion of Allah. The worrisome issue is that the south and the west of Nigeria is predominantly Christians whom Muslims are considered as animals. However, in the Northern part of Nigeria which is predominantly Muslims, the Christians want to still take over.


The main aim of this meeting is to:

a. Address the growth and the spread of Christianity in the North.


b. Receive reports of the treatment meted against the religion of Allah in some parts of the North especially Plateau State.

c. Re-strategize towards the full implementation of Jihad in Jos Plateau and as well as Kaduna state.

d. The liberation of Kaduna state.

As stated earlier, Christianity is fast growing in the Northern part of this country which is totally uncalled for. We are aware the Christianity has humiliated Islam in the south west thus Islam can no longer thrive there. We are treated with contempt and as non Nigerians in the part of the country.


Furthermore, the Christians brought out a scheme so as to get rooted and get liberated in the North they brought was they called middle belt. This Middle belt curve all the Christian’s dominated areas and is been championed by the Plateau big wigs.

The Christians have now extended not only in remote areas of the North but inside the cities as against the wishes of our Islamic leaders whom are no more. It should be noted that our leaders like the great Sardauna, Tafawa Balewa, Alahji Abubakar Gummi. Alahji Shehu Maigandu, Mallam Isaka Ramallan etc admonished Qur’an for a church standing close and in rivalry with a mosque. It is also their wish that part of the North be dominated and ruled by Muslims, it will afford the North the opportunity to practice shari’a law while other parts of the country use the common law.

To checkmate and caution the growing of Christianity in the Northern country, all Islamic clergies will pay a visit to all governors of the North and traditional rulers who are Muslims and presenting them the following demands.
i. They must device policies to see that all churches built in their respective states capitals are demolished to allow mosques in the city capital. Providing the Christians specific place to build their churches and be called Church Street .
ii. Christians preaching in the streets in the respective states through the media and other means be regulated.
iii. As it was the case in Katsina state during Governor Umaru Musa Yar’adua, a ban should be place in all the Northern states governed by a Muslim on teaching of Christian Religion in schools.
iv. Place a ban on Christians using the public address system during the services.
These demands must be adhered to and adopted by the Muslims governor for the interest of peace. They should note that we have more control of the masses and the youths. Any attempt by the Christians to disobey or revolt against the decision shall mean fighting against the religion of Allah which the followers of Allah shall not watch but we shall violently wipe away the Christians in these states.

Sheik Sani Yahaya of JIBWIS on behalf of the JNI chairman presented the challenges and the maltreatment against the religion of Allah by the Governor of Plateau, his government, the Berom nation and as well as the entire Christians. He has also stated the efforts they have made and their stands.

He stated by saying that Muslims in Plateau state are in great danger Muslims in Plateau are dehumanized, humiliated, maltreated and scorned by the Christians according to him. The machinery of government is used by the Berom Christians.

Points to be noted include:

1. Over 7000 Muslims are massacre by the Christian in Plateau state since governor Jang assumed office.

2. Governor Jang came to destroy Islam in Plateau State and to drive away any non Berom Christian in Plateau state.

3. Un-estimated houses with Billions of Naira, were destroyed by the Berom Christians since Governor Jang assume office.

4. There is an existing plan and policy by Governor Jang and his government to wipe out any Muslim Jos through the Jos Master Plan; placing a ban on motorcycle operation, disallowing our traders to trade freely and unnecessary arrest of our youths.

5. No Muslim is given employment with the Plateau state government.

6. The government of Plateau state has ordered the Plateau State water Board to stop pumping water in places that are predominantly Muslims.

7. All the crises in Jos are taking place in Berom land.

8. Governor Jang admonish his Berom Christians to keep on killing the Muslims, that he has bribed all the Muslims traditional rulers with money and seats to hajj.

The Muslims Ummah in Jos has solemnly resolved to fight the governor, his government and the entire- Christians in any way possible. They shall never support this government and they will destroy any development that shall come to Plateau even the existing ones. Again, they are ready for Jihad in the state as we have presently secured the needed arms. Over 3000 foreign arms have now entered Jos and we will not vote during the governorship election. But we shall ensure that we have the position of the Federal House of Representative Jos North/Bassa chairman Jos North, Senator Representing Plateau North, Plateau State member Jos North-North. They shall shed the last drop of our blood to ensure that the Jos master plan and the ban on Okada is realized. The Ummah in Jos shall frustrate the peace and development of the entire state. All traders and Okada riders have been enjoined not to go out for their business without any preparation on a daily basis they are soliciting the support of the entire Muslim Ummah in Nigeria to support Islam in Plateau in cash and in kind as there is an endowment fund raising to procure more arms and especially explosives. They have also declared both open and silent killings in Muslims areas on any Christian and security (No go area).

We have pledge to deal with any Muslim especially those who are dining together with the governor for their selfish needs without diving a consideration to the Ummah. They shall kill them and their families and generations wipe away, we are watching.


Haven’t seen the need for Islam to take its rightful position in Jos there is need for all Muslim in Nigeria to come to terms and re-strategize Muslims all over should bear in mind Jos is now labeled as a deadly zone to all non-Christians. There is need for all Muslims to extend their support to the Muslims in jos Plateau and ensure that Jos is capture and declared a Muslim territory.

With the way the governor and the government of Plateau is dehumanizing scorning the religion of Allah, the only solution for our liberation is Jihad The Muslim Ummah shall use Jihad and ensure that governor Jang did not return to office. Muslims in the state shall ensure that few months before the general elections jihad will be declare in the state which cannot be controlled even by the security agency with great slaughter and massacre which the Federal government will have no option than to declare a state of emergency in plateau. The shall also use some of his political rivals to fight him and ensure that he did no return to office by plight of Muslims will be reduced. While they guard their areas, they must go out and attack the Christian dominated area and also destroy any government property at their disposal in the state.

Kaduna state is one of the historic and ancient cities in the history of Northern Nigeria . It is a state which has bred so many Islamic and National leaders, it is also a place where so many meetings and plans were carried out. Kaduna is the headquarters of Northern Nigeria . For a number of years Kaduna has witnessed its own share of religious crisis and for quit sometimes Christianity has been silenced thus the Muslims dominating every sector. It explains why the present Southern Kaduna is agitating for the creation of a new state to give them breathing space. The Muslim Ummah in the entire Northern Nigeria are greatly shocked, surprised and sad with the presently development given a Christian the opportunity to rule for the history of this country a non Muslim has never rule Kaduna state because of our numerical strength, political power and prowess and as its significance to Islam.

The present development given Patrick Yakowa to rule Kaduna state is totally uncalled for and a slap to Islam in Nigeria , it is considered as equal a Christian ruling in Mecca , Iran or Irag. No Muslim can be given the opportunity of such magnitude of evens a deputy governor in Plateau state. The most worrisome situation is where Governor Yakowa is making moves to contest for the seat of the governor in 2011 and hoping to use government machines at his disposal. He also backed the support of the president his fellow Christian. To face the challenge in Kaduna state all Muslims must rise to their responsibilities and resolve to fight for Allah. The Muslim Ummah shall ensure that Governor Patrick Yakowa or any Christian does not assume that seat forever. We must device all political and Jihadic means to ensure that we realize our plan.

1. 90 days from now, Muslims must ensure that peace has escaped Kaduna state.

2. Muslims must hunt all Christians especially those in the cities.

3. We must either use the security or other means to eliminate the governor, his family and all those they perceive are supporting him.

4. Must face and frustrate all Christians in Kaduna who are civil servants and traders.

5. Attacks must continue to be launched Christians predominated areas as signals before jihad.

6. Shall use our men who are in the military to help us bring arms and ammunitions into Kaduna .

7. Use all resources possible to have control of the security before and during these attacks.

This meeting is highly confidential but can be related all Muslims who wishes to support this movement.


M. Lawal Ishaq Esq.


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