Anyone insulting me is wasting his time – Bishop Oyedepo

I’m not guinea pig, I won’t take vaccine - Oyedepo

Bishop Oyedepo, of the Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as Winners’ Chapel, has said anyone insulting him is wasting his or her time.

Bishop Oyedepo has been under serious criticism due to his statements on Sunday, warning the FG to completely remove the part of the newly-signed amended Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2020, that empowers supervising minister to be able to remove the board of trustees of churches without going to the court.

The president, Buhari had on August 7 signed into law, the Companies and Allied Matters Bill, 2020. The bill which has been passed by the National Assembly replaced the 1990 CAMA.

One of those who criticised Bishop Oyedepo is Lauretta Onochie, the President’s aide on Social Media, who tweeted on Monday, “I hope this is not true. If it is, Oyedepo will have to manufacture his own country and live by his own laws. As long as he lives and operates within the entity called Nigeria, he will live by Nigerian rules and laws. He will do as he’s told by the law. Enough of lawlessness.

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In a sermon on Tuesday morning tagged, ‘Breaking Limits’ aired using the church’s social media pages and platforms, Bishop Oyedepo said, “If I ever preached a message where there is no laughter, don’t listen to it. I have been laughing like this 76 till forever since I found Matthew 6:33. I have been laughing at the devil and smiling as I serve. You insult me, I enjoy it. You insult me and I stop going to work because you insult, I will be a big fool. I am going to work.

“They said, see his legs. Yes, I thank God for my legs. See his nose, yes, He made it and He did it beautifully. See how short he is, that’s the size He made me for so I can save more clothes.

“Nobody has the power to determine how many people worship Jesus. No force on earth has the power. When I’m lifted up, I will draw all men to myself. So, get all the facilities ready. The devil is tired. You ask him and he will tell you. I am tired because there are churches today that are just pushing the frontiers of the gospel in spite of the devil.

“As at last night, we got the report of 520 of our new churches planted. The Lord shall send the rod out of Zion, rule thou in the midst of thou enemies. It’s a divine agenda. No policy under heaven can stop it. 520 churches planted on the 16th of August. If I were the devil, I will start mourning now. Shame on the devil.” He said.

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