All You Need To Know About META FORCE, the new FORSAGE now launched



After months of waiting the creators of FORSAGE have decided to take the world again by storm but this time with META FORCE. ” I know that many of you are tired of negativity, and it is not clear what to do now. In the meantime, creation is happening right now. Updated and improved Forsage in conjunction with the grandiose Force System – in the active phase of creation.” – the creator, I am Lado Okhotnikov made announcement March 16th 2022.


In a video he made explaining the new Forsage, FORCE and all of it marketing details, here are the things you need to know.

‘Force is the next step in the evolution of our Community. When it came to the point, we found out how much labor and finance would be required to develop what was planned. And unfortunately this did not attract my former co-authors of the former Forsage. They preferred to repeat the same marketing on different blockchains. Of course, we had other reasons to connect new blockchains. But I wanted to at least give the possibility of transferring, as I did now in the new Forsage. One way or another, the old version of Forsage became too overloaded, so there was a demand to create a new one that is much more functional.’


It is in the context of Force that Forsage has the opportunity to develop to new levels. What you will see when I present Force to you, despite its complexity and richness, is only the visible part of the creation.


Our global system includes a variety of directions, all of which have a connection with our coin. In addition to Force Marketing, these are NFT, Forsage, NFT platform, Academy, Marketing Tools, Traders Club, and much more…

IDO for our coin, that is, its primary distribution, will take place through Force marketing. The emission of the coin is limited. Our crypto has a very strong base. It is needed for all our products, Force marketing is based on it, and Forsage will work on it. In addition, for those wishing to receive passive income, there will be the possibility of a unique holding, which has no analogues and creating an additional deficit of the coin, without the inflationary side effect of conventional staking, because there is no new emission for rewards, but the reward is economically justified, like all other income opportunities in Force and Forsage.


Such a coin has a long-term growth potential. The most important element of Force and new Forsage is a demanded product, which each participant acquires by activating the slot level.

This is not an imitation of a product, but a full-fledged product that should attract in itself, even without participation in marketing.

However, we are keeping our famous generous approach to marketing – 100% of income – into the affiliate network.
How did we do it?


What is Meta Force Forsage

FORCE is a smart contract that requires you to network with people and build a solid team structure. You earn in Dollars/ DAI and all earnings are paid instantly to your crypto wallet. FORCE is a global decentralized crypto-earning platform that is coded on one of the top-most blockchain technology in the world, the Binance Smart Chain. To help people dreams come true, we came up with a huge community to educate people on how they can utilise this platform well and earn a lot of money.

Things you need to know about META-FORCE

It is a Marketing business model Registrations fee is very cheap ($10), you need trust wallet funded with $10 worth of dai and $1 worth of polygon as network fee. You receive 100% as referral commission.

Bonuses are paid instantly to your wallet. You do not wait for any CEO to make payments to your wallet. You are the admin of your account. 100% decentralised. It is a smart contract on Binance Smart chain blockchain.
Earnings are unlimited, you can earn thousand dollars depending on how far you can take your game. There are generational incomes I.E you earn from your downline activities and different levels of income up to $20,000. Other benefits include Meta-force token and NFts, Crypto updates.

Meta Force Referral Program

Additionally, each participant has the possibility of a 4-level referral program.

Let’s list briefly features of the Force marketing:
– 100% of income – to the affiliate network;

– Even wider spillovers possibilities;
– Matrix payouts are possible deeper than the 5th line;
– Referral structure rewards;

– In-demand product for participants;
– Selling a product is another income opportunity;
– Constant turnover – the basis of long-term income;

– NFT with ample opportunities;
– Unique cryptonomics with increased coin demand.

Additional pre-launch features:
– Acquisition of coins at the most favorable prices!

– The ability to earn in a coin, at the most favorable rates;
– NFT investment opportunity.


Where to start for a beginner?

In order to start a Force business, you need to use a stablecoin, DAI, i.e. Polygon DAI USD. For all transactions you need to have a small amount of BNB coins in order to pay fees. Your first transaction will be null – this is a registration. By registering once, in the future you can activate any program without new registering.

That is, by the time Force is launched, you will already be registered, and therefore you will be able to log in earlier.
Register using the referral link of the person who opened this business for you. And then you have more chances that people you invited to register strictly according to your referral link.

Referral connections are saved for all our programs.



The first level of the slot is an s6 scheme, the second level is also s6, and the third is s3.

The coin on which the smart contract works will temporarily be DAI, and after the issue on IDO, our coin will be used, while we will have an oracle in order to adjust the current price, which can change, although in dollars it will remain fixed.
A fundamentally important change — now, by activating the matrix, you get the product.


Activating the 1st level of the matrix costs 5 DAI on Polygon (which is equal to 5 dollars). This is a pre-launch cost, about 3 weeks after the launch of the Force, a full start will take place, and the full cost of all levels will be 2 times higher. That is, the normal price of the 1st level of the matrix is 10 DAI.


As soon as the payment is made, it is instantly sent to the wallet of the higher partner, and you fill the matrix of your inviter. At the same time, your own matrix opens up, in which there are 6 spots under you, two on the 1st line and
four on the 2nd. It is possible that a part of your matrix is inside the matrix of your upline, if you got to him in the 1st line.


Filling in your matrix is possible both with your actions, if you invite, and spillovers from above, from a higher partner, as well as spillovers from below – when downlines of your 1st line are inviting. Thus, with the whole team you fill in the spots, and the payments to you do not depend on whose invitee is the one who filled the spot of your matrix. Payouts in this slot come to you from the 2nd line.

These are 4 payments of 100%. When new participants activate their spots in your matrices, the funds sent
directly to your wallet, or otherwise bring you income.



The last, 4th payment is intended for re-activation. It is activation of the same matrix when the previous one is completely filled. It is best to do this automatically, instantly after closing the previous one, so as not to miss income.
In the old scheme, this is the only possible mode. But we decided to give you freedom of choice. And there is an option to disable this mode. But in this case, you pay a commission of 25%. Which are sent to the product fund.
Here is another source that I mentioned.

Thus, it turns out win-win: if the participant does not turn off, then the movement continues, if he turns off, then the product fund is replenished. When the partners you invited fill their matrices, they also have an auto- reactivation (if they do not turn it off), and they again take spot in your new matrix, and you receive income.



It is important for you, for your development, that your team members do not stand still, but activate new levels of slots. Each next level costs exactly twice as much as the previous one, so you need to collect two payments, respectively. One payout is stored in a special smart contract for this, to which no one has access except you.
Then, as soon as another payout appears, the amount is combined, and the next level is instantly activated. Your downline partners will have the same, and thus your next level will fill up.

Each participant has the opportunity to  disable auto-upgrade by paying a In this way, it turns out to be much fairer than in the old system, in which those who wanted to develop the structure often lost money by mistake. In the new version, the commission will be removed from those who do not want to develop, and these funds will benefit everyone.


We have another important key change. We will use the DAI stablecoin on the Polygon blockchain.

This change does not affect the launch date in any way.

Yes, I know that many of you are afraid of all these changes. But, firstly, there are global changes in the market now, and it is very good that we are able to take them into account from the start. Second, don’t forget that changes happen before launch.

Why DAI?
Just like with the change of blockchain, the change of the stablecoin has a occasion, and has a more compelling reason. Let me remind you that the claims of the SEC against Binance were only an excuse to study the situation, and the main reason for the transition is the advantages of the Polygon blockchain, and the recent upgrades in this Network, which we were able to notice only recently, plunging into the topic.

As far as the stablecoin is concerned, there have been reports that it is in danger of collapsing, similar to other stablecoins. Capitalization began to leave USDT and increase in USDС. We first considered USDС, because it is the most secured with real dollars. But we began to understand further in all the nuances of different tokens. And and we found a much more serious threat: USDT and USDС are centralized, controlled by the creators and subject to regulators.
Many cases are already known when they simply froze wallets without explanation.

DAI is completely decentralized, and wherein being half backed by USDC. DAI has an excellent decentralized mechanism to motivate action, always leading to price equalization around $1.
Yes, the price is price is determined by the free market, which can change the price in any direction, depending on supply and demand. But depending on the price movement, the amount of DAI is, either decreasing or increasing, and that is decentralized, as a result it always returns to 1 dollar.


Step 1 : Copy the Link 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Step 2 : Paste the Link in your Dapp browser (Trust wallet)

Step3: you’ll see an Ethereum logo by the top left corner, click on it and change it to polygon

Step 4: Tap on Signup now

Step 5: Connect wallet ✅

Step 6: Approve your transaction by clicking “Confirm” to register your ID and wait for transaction to success ✅

Step 7: After Registration, Select the levels one by one and click on ”ACTIVATE”

You have been registered and activated levels successfully ✅

Copy your referral link and pass it on to your downlines 🔥




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