All you Need to Know About Century 21 Freedom Group International

All you Need to Know About Century 21 Freedom Group International


Century 21 Freedom Group, fully understand the obstacles that inhibit people from realizing their business goals and they provide practical approaches to help them attain time, health and financial freedom. Thry train selected and open minded Nigerians on alternative ways to generate cash flow for their personal project/business without borrowing from the bank.


A mentorship-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), Century 21 Freedom Group International (CC21FG), said it would expose 50,000 Nigerians to financial freedom by enabling them to generate sufficient cash flow to live their dreamed life by 2024.

The organisation is working through a project tagged La Buena Vida, which took off in Abuja in 2016 and extended its presence to Lagos and other Nigerian cities.


As part of its process of expanding its presence in Lagos, CC21FG has commenced a series of cashflow summit. The first edition was held at the University of Lagos at the weekend.


Is Century 21 Freedom Group International a scam or a ponzi scheme?

The answer is No. They do not believe in get rich quick programs. They believe in hard work, adding value and dedication to reach your goals. They believe also in helping you through our time tested and well proven system to build your wealth in a systematic and steady manner. Their training programs are intended to help you expand, fund your project or business ideas whilst growing your current business. They are here to help and guide you to move forward faster by giving you awesome trainings, direction and strategies to reach your goal.


The project was created by C21FG; A non- governmental initiative made up of individuals from different works of life. An organisation of smart and forward thinking people who believe in holistic wealth.
With LBV, selected partners can control global market share without manufacturing, production, logistics, international certifications and road selling.
La Buena Vida is an international cashflow service and lifestyle initiative that enables qualified individuals to


Tap into its cash compounding services to generate funds for business projects.
It allows you to access discounted and free lifestyle packages globally.
Enables you access to effective Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) Services.
Enables you to own your dream home through our E-Block Channels.
Allows you to access discounted and free exquisite vacations across choice locations globally.





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