All Level 1 Ladies Are Crushing On Me – Deji Of BBNaija Says

All Level 1 Ladies Are Crushing On Me - Deji Of BBNaija Says

Deji has only been in the Big Brother House for less than a week and has already caught the attention of the ladies in both houses.

He was one of two Housemates that were introduced by Ebuka during the Live Eviction Show on Sunday and he entered Level 1 as a fake Housemate.

Chichi was one of the first ladies to make her attraction to Deji obvious. She had been seen on several occasions engaging with him whether in group or one-on-one conversations.

Chomzy started playing her cards soon after as she sometimes planted herself in conversations that Chichi would be having with Deji.

The most recent interest was from Doyin who seemed to have a lot to share with Deji today. Following his time spent with most of the Level 1 ladies in the kitchen when he was cooking, Doyin and Deji headed to the lounge to chat some more.

It was there where she flat-out denied knowing Cyph from Level 2 all too well, this was despite the kiss that she shared with Cyph.

Deji also made it onto the radar of the ladies in Level 2. He was at the tip of the tongues of a lot of the ladies during their Diary Session with Biggie. Christy O even said that while Modella was cool, she wished that Deji was the one sent into Level 2 instead.

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