Again! Onitsha Market on Fire

Onitsha Fire

Fire outbreak has gulled Onitsha Market again the ever busy Market in Nigeria and West Africa from Upper Iweka going Ochanga Market caused by a Tanker.

Terrible inferno has again befell Ochanja market in Anambra State, following an tragic crash of a tanker loaded with petrol at Asaba Park.


The fire outbreak which is currently wrecking havoc at the market has thrown the traders and customers into a kerfuffle, as everybody is seen running helter skelter, with the aim of saving few more things.

Report reaching us is that the fire which started from Upper Iweka down to Amobi Market has swiftly melted down to Ogbo Akwukwo.


Onitsha Market on Fire

A woman and her child have lost their lives to the cantankerous fire, among many other material losses.

Areas affected by the inferno include: Ochanja major Market, some part of electronic shops at Ochanja roundabou, Menax Junction, some parts of Iweka Road, all in Onitsha South Local Government

Fire Outbreak Rock Ogbunabali ( VIDEO)

Onitsha market on fire

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