After Dealing With Wike, Any Ear that Hear it will bleed blood – Nnamdi Kanu

We Will Capture Wike Alive, God is my witness - Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has once again voiced his anger to the Rivers state Governor, Nyesom Wike.

Nnamdi Kanu who was in a live broadcast reiterated that he will decisively deal with the Governor of Rivers State.

The Rivers State Governor had imposed a curfew in Oyigbo area aiding the killing of Innocent Nigerians in the spite of the aftermath of ENDSARS protest.

This led to what has been known as the Oyigbo Massacre of 2020.

In his Words Nnamdi Kanu said: “Everytime I come on air I repeat this, what I will do Wike, Any ear that hears it will bleed blood. You see Wike Waling about with his small hitler moustache I will catch him and what I will do to him any ear that hear what I do to him will vibrate.”

“His Day is coming, he thinks we are going to forget, After Dealing with Wike anywhere you see Biafra People  you cannot never attack them. I am saying it Live cause when I do it you will know I did it.”

“You think this is like before, you kill us we run to EU, UN  but no now all of you will see it. You all are about to see what you have not seen in your entire life.

“I will use Wike to Set example, What that man did, took our young men and women to Military Camps in  the North and Uncircumcised Fulani Soldiers were raping them, Wike took them from Oyigbo.”

“Anybody who say to me forgive Wike, Even the devil cannot forgive you, Wike will be an example that other may learn.”

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