Adventure in Ireland

Adventure in Ireland

I have read lots of amazing stories and experiences from the adventures of Nigerians in various part of the world.

I usually feel somehow writing mine but decided I have to do it because it achieves various purposes like it makes Nigerians get a grip of the country and realities in the country.

In my school, DBS, when you’re inside, you’ll think you’re in India. Due to the fact that they spread the news about potential countries that is suitabe for migration, clear the path for those coming by suggesting suitable courses so they can easily get job.

There’s a reason the indians are dominating the workplace in Canada.

In my class, we’re just three Nigerians, thirty Indians in a course that has potential. You need to see how these guys cooperate, I get overwhelmed.

The Nigerians in my class, I tried to be open to them, I got so irritated by their response that I feel so great when I heard school has been locked down by the virus.

When it got to Group assignment, they lumped me and them in one group. The only indian in my group ran away to another group of Indians.

The reality in my class is just how Nigeria is. We need to cooperate more and help others. In my workplace, two Nigerian guys are there, igbos like me, den do anyhow, I left them and na one Kenya guy wey don stay for this country show me the way. The other Africans in the place don sabi say you need to watch one another back and cooperate.

The goal of this thread is to simply draw your attention and FOCUS to Ireland. Leave US, dont apply to that country directly, even Canada sef, Start looking at Europe, it’s easier to enter here than those countries.

From Europe you can branch to any country of your choosing.

If you can learn the German language, Germany is a great country. The indians don dey rush PhD there. You do a research one and get €1000 monthly plus free tuition. Indians will see this kind opportunity and broadcast it to their people. We will see such and only tell immediate family members.


Blacks are so few here. The Indians are Many, you wont know because their skin is light, they have straight hair and they simply blend in. I have to look at them closely or from the garlic spice, I instantly know they’re the one.

The more of our people we have here, the better for us, that’s what people don’t know. The reason you enjoy interacting easily with Americans socially is the work of our Brothers. Over the years, they’ve had various blend of the black race generation by generation.

The Irish community are not used to us. Den no born you well to apply for governorship post or marry their woman. That one na another matter, it’s best to avoid them.

I’ve said so much. All those Agencies that will be posting Canada 2020, USA visa!!!!!! Up and down, RUN

You’ll carry refusal letter like Trophy.

Average Nigerians here in this country, den don carry at least one Denied from either Canada or USA.

It’s like the period when the (University of Lagos) Unilag craze was there, secondary teachers caused this, they made people feel like Life will end if you don’t go to (University of Lagos) Unilag. I knew someone applied seven times, that’s seven years gone!

Its about the course you read and the grade, Not the school.

You’re better off studying in the North, lower cost of living, less strike, then you come out, apply abroad, life continues.

When I was applying, I was almost pushed to start chasing big school where I will pay huge school fees and go broke. I knew a friend that was chasing big name, he was denied admission due to the fact that the school is competitive.

But sense came o, let’s leave ratings alone, as long as the school and the course is accredited. Study your thing and come out. It’s only Havard and oxford, if you get the grade and you know that the way is clear, you can push it if you’re an Einstein. Not being an Einstein like me, doesn’t mean you’re a failure.


Let’s start the journey.

I finished Bsc 2017, finished serving at Kebbi in ending of 2018.

I started my application to Canada January, 2019. Admission letter came in June, I made friends at the Creepy cosmetic Agency at Lekki.

Some of them already had submitted that their visa application and were waiting for a response, 3 months, 4 months. My internal alarms started ringing. I ran to another agency.

I was advised about the course to read, and the Visa application, I got lots of assistance from the Irish thread here.
I got my admission letter in 21 working days and I was WOWED.

I would have applied for visa in September 2019, but my house wasn’t set in order and had to push it to Jan, 2020.
We took our time to package my application. In exactly 7 weeks, I got a call from the Courier and Visa Approved was on the white paper that flew out. How I manage to not tear it out of Anxiety was beyond me.

It came in November, some days before my birthday which was in December. I didn’t go out, just ate the cake my sister baked. The Happenings around me was enough to make me extremely satisfied and happy.

So you need, I wish I got this kind of advice, I saved myself from depression if I had gotten a rejection. Everyone I knew that applied to canada apart from one girl got a rejection. It was depressing, I felt their pain, that’s why I’m taking my time to explain this country and document my adventures.

Christmas was approaching, I was packing and buying stuffs on a low, I didnt even plan to go anywhere sef despite the pressure of my family, I just wanted everything to be quiet and gentle.

Their was quite overwhelming sometimes, I had to pack and go. This country naija, before I start to earn on my own, it might take years. Earning get level.

The minimum wage sef isnt effective, lifestyle of people will change if they can implement the minimum wage successfully. That is why the money is plenty at the top with drops dripping down for the masses.

Huge income gap, it’s a terrible sigh, lots of gwagons, SUV and little appreciation of small cars like golf, picanto, cos they’re seen as cars for small boys. Who are starting life. Those are contribute pollution in the environment and take less space.

I can remember in Kebbi, 19800 was enough for me, my neighbors then saw me like I was eating life. Because their family was getting about 15k as their total earnings. Can you imagine that. Minimum wage is very critical.

With 19800, I could pay my house rent, electricity which was almost constant, I ate well and enjoyed the food there. I know people will open eyes at this point.

I called home when I needed to travel, I could take luxurious bus to lag from sokoto. It cost alot of money, or I could get to ilorin from Niger, spend some days before continuing my journey to lag to visit a wonderful sister.

I traveled thrice in my service year and I enjoyed every moment of the journey.
Back to the story, new year, na chicken and Turkey we dey chop o, after new year, it was getting closer, I was supposed to be on a flight on the 7th of jan, school was starting on the 20th.

Money started to come in from well wishers, my family and relatives were silent o, I got more from foreigners in my dads workplace, very few Nigerians contributed.

7th reached, flight was by 5pm, we were at the airport by 2pm. The bag in the picture contained alot, I didn’t bother to buy a scale, as it’s my first flight experience and if scale Bleep me up, I’m bleeped.

The bag wasn’t full to the brim sef, I couldn’t carry my suit, I left it behind, mum gave me some egusi, pepper, spices and tomato, I still have some left now. I wish I brought more pepper and tomato, she gave me a carton, I couldn’t carry it, I chose cloth over it and I regretted it mehn. Its expensive in the Africa store here.

If we dash the people around those clothes, it will help because clothes are cheap if you know your way.

I didnt tell you what motivated me to drop the CannyUS craze. My admission letter was taking long to show, in June, I never see anything, going to lekki was just a journey. Very far and all.

My friend at this agency that I told you I met weren’t properly advised about visa application, this bullshit agency told us that you can get your visa by bringing any Dick and harry in the world with 5M in the account to sponsor you.
I have already prepared one uncle to stand and be ready to submit account. This uncle failed and casted in future sha, all these UK people sha.

What I do is that I go to the reception of the agency and chill. They have a TV that plays an eerie broken record of people testifying about visa success. They even film their houses, snap themselves in an airplane and all. I was like okay, then I started hearing one woman shouting, I was like THIS IS NIGERIA.

I turned and saw a woman and a young man, the woman insulted them and left. First warning and I didnt heed.
This agency made me pay 150k for admission letter, 100k after you get it. I paid the first one.

Then I went there in June, no admission letter yet, my friend that applied to the UK got hers in two months after I applied.

I went there to observe some more, this time around, a woman and a gangly looking boy was there. Mama spoke correct English, she abused, threatened to expose them on social media, she didn’t say too much, that was it, I left there expecting to go to another agency to further my application that’s how I met Ireland.

I got to discover that those people that attended to me were sales agents, just bring people to sign up, you’ll get commission.

A proper agency job is to ensure you start life in a greener pasture your money can carry in whatever way Legally allowed in the country.

I would have gone to Australia, but considering my purse, e no fit carry am, plus I dont like the weather. I love to walk alot, I dont like seeing my sweat. I haven’t seen my sweat since I got here though, I cycle for fun and sweat no dey commot, it’s cool mehn. The weather isn’t as extreme like it is in Canada and it doesn’t get hot like Nigeria.

Snow can do damage o, I’ve seen few snow like dust sha. Not so cold.
Rain falls here and its just perfect for me.

Also the course you study is very critical, its vital to study a great course unless you’ll be doing odd jobs. Ireland need programmers and IT experts, health experts are lacking too, With nurses. I did Economics as bsc that’s how I am studying Data Analytics.

I must say that All the countries right now consider the nuclear family as sponsors, nothing like extended family, friends, pastor, Sugar Zaddy, Sugar mama, and what have you.

I knew a girl that got the canada visa, it was her dad and the money he had was huge, close to 10M, hes a business man with a registered business.

This agency pointed me to Ireland and that was it.

Spent a long time waiting after I boarded, there were no more chairs, Murtala airport eh, had to be standing.
My mum with arthritis stood so much that she had to put her bag on the floor and sit, she thought its Nigeria.

When I got to Qatar, I saw that Nigeria was where I can confidently say, I pitied my grandmother, grand father, and uncle who died without seeing something better.

As I type, the Irish government has made a move to pay people for losing their job due to Corona virus. Can you imagine that.

The indian ambassador to Ireland has assured indian students that wont be sent out of the hostel here in Ireland. The question I asked was where is our ambassador, is he there to eat salary or do his job?

Looking back, after I boarded, It felt good sitting inside, the light inside the plane, boarding music, and all just felt right. I researched and took the window seat so I can enjoy the view, it felt great, wasn’t disturbed at all. I got up once to take a leak.

The two gentlemen had to stand up for me.

That stuff you see is a touchscreen remote to the little screen at the perfect angle for eyes with a retractable cord.
The seat belt was quite old, I get why people get confused and need help. These folks are smart, they provide directions for almost everything. People see and do not observe.

With some fiddling, the stuff locked and I was secured and ready for the Next big challenge.
The challenge was Big cos it’s my first time and I took a window seat at the tail of the plane, learnt my lesson o.

By Chiggsglover

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