Abure’s arrest could have been managed more effectively, says Obi

Abure's arrest could have been managed more effectively, says Obi

The Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate in the 2023 general election, Peter Obi, has raised concerns over what he perceives as the disrespectful manner in which security forces apprehended the LP National Chairman, Comrade Julius Abure, in Benin, Edo State, on Wednesday.

Obi remarked that the arrest could have been handled more courteously to reflect our civilization and democratic principles. In a statement posted on his official platform, Obi expressed his dismay, stating, “Like many Nigerians, I witnessed the disturbing news reports on national television detailing the undignified arrest of the Labour Party’s National Chairman, Barrister Julius Abure, earlier today in Benin City, Edo State.”


He continued, “Throughout my various roles as a private citizen, public figure, governor, and presidential candidate, I have consistently stressed the utmost importance of upholding the rule of law in any civilized society.” Obi emphasized the need for citizens, regardless of their social status, to comply with invitations from duly constituted authorities but criticized the distressing sight of the National Chairman being detained on the ground.

He condemned such actions as unacceptable and detrimental to Nigeria’s image as a nation striving for order and respect for the law. Obi stressed the urgency of denouncing and addressing such behavior to uphold justice and dignity in society.


Concerning the circumstances of Abure’s arrest, Obi underscored the importance of respecting due process and established arrest protocols, urging officers to demonstrate civility, decorum, and respect for citizens’ rights and dignity, including the presumption of innocence.

He highlighted Abure’s role as a leader within the Labour Party and emphasized the need to safeguard political opposition without resorting to suppression tactics. Obi called for Abure’s release on bail based on his status while investigations proceed.


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