Abia court postpones Sen Orji’s N1.5b suit vs. Apugo

Abia court postpones Sen Orji's N1.5b suit vs. Apugo

The High Court in Umuahia, Abia State, recently deferred the hearing of a significant legal matter, a N1.5 billion defamation lawsuit initiated by former Governor Theodore Orji against a prominent member of the All-Progressives Congress (APC), Prince Benjamin Apugo. The court proceedings are now scheduled to resume on February 16.

During the expected hearing, Chief Henry Balogu, serving as the legal representative for the plaintiff, Senator Theodore Orji, appeared. However, on the other side, the defendant, Prince Benjamin Apugo, was conspicuously absent, with no legal representation. This absence prompted the trial judge, Justice A. O. Chijioke, to take note of the prolonged duration of the case, which had been initiated in 2020. Justice Chijioke, expressing concern over the delay, issued an order mandating the defendant’s presence during the next adjourned date, emphasizing that the trial would proceed regardless of whether the defendant was present.


The judge further directed the Court Clerk to reissue the appearance notice to Prince Benjamin Apugo, ensuring his attendance at the subsequent court session. This move underscored the court’s commitment to fair and reasonable proceedings. The legal landscape is poised for a significant development as the trial is set to commence, shedding light on the allegations and claims presented by both parties.

In an interview following the court proceedings, Chief Henry Balogu, the plaintiff’s legal counsel, provided insights into the grounds of the defamation suit. According to Balogu, the lawsuit was initiated in response to what he described as “false and malicious remarks” by the defendant, Prince Benjamin Apugo. These statements, Balogu argued, were not only harmful to the personal and political reputation of Senator Theodore Orji but were also intended to diminish his status as a political leader, former Governor, and senator.


Balogu explained that the crux of the matter revolves around a libelous publication in which Prince Benjamin Apugo accused Senator Orji of embezzling funds from the Abia treasury during a live radio program. The allegations specifically targeted Orji’s time in public office as Chief of Staff and Governor. Such serious accusations, if proven false, could significantly impact the public perception of the former Governor, affecting his political standing and his personal and professional reputation.

Senator Theodore Orji, who served as the Governor of Abia State from 2007 to 2015, has found himself entangled in a legal battle beyond the courtroom. The case not only addresses the specific allegations but also underscores the broader challenges associated with public figures navigating defamation and reputation management issues.

As the legal proceedings unfold on February 16, the courtroom will be the stage for a crucial chapter in this ongoing saga, offering an opportunity for both parties to present their arguments and evidence before the impartial scrutiny of the justice system. The outcome of this case could have far-reaching implications, shaping the narrative surrounding Senator Theodore Orji and influencing the dynamics of political discourse in Abia State.


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