86fb, 86z, 86w Inevitable crash

86fb, 86z, 86w Inevitable crash


86fb as  dubbed to be the official platform name or should I say the parent company of 86z and 86w. Whatsapp groups of Nigerians, telegram and even Facebook has been greeted with the emergence of a sudden high paying investment platform.


Nigerians enjoys this kind of sit at home and make huge money kind of investment schemes and no wonder so many people don’t show any empathy to them when some of these platform crashes and goes away their money.

Many still wonder how they haven’t learn from MMM and the rest of them but what do I know?.



What is 86fb FootBall

It is a high yield investment programme (Ponzi) that promises 90% returns, through staking, placing trade (matches) and investing. Investigations by Elint Eerie has revealed that the platform is owned by a Nigerian countering wild speculations that it is owned by Chinese and even Americans.

History of 86FB Football

According to public data revealed in the official website 86FB owners said that its platform was established in 2015 but in actual reality 86FB.com was first spotted on the internet in 2009 and it was a website used for showing Various tutorials about legendary games and playstations and the website title was “86 Game Release Network”  with the Name  86 game publishing network.

Also the affiliated web domains linked to 86FB which are 86z and 86w had been in existence ranging from 2001 before it’s owners cannot maintain the websites and it was dumped, not until presently it is used as the powerhouse of the latest betting ponzi or should I say betting investment.



86FB Claims that they work/ affiliated with City Football Group and William Hill Betting, a claim that is not true after investigations.



How 86FB Football Works

According to 86FB Football Website, 86GB is mainly football, and it cooperates with well-known American law firms. It integrates the principles of probability, statistics, mathematics, etc., making the football game not only a game, but also a high-yield investment behavior comparable to funds and stocks. The platform adopts the world’s latest popular “hedge fund + welfare field + different levels of commission” model, simultaneous operations in dozens of countries around the world. Provides bilingual versions in Chinese and English, and supports the recharge and withdrawal of digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A message that is used for promotion reads” 86FB is here to change the lives of every Nigerian!! 86FB is the world’s first innovative reverse football staking investment platform. Safe and simple investment which guarantees a steady daily profit of 3% of your total available deposit.


86fb, 86z, 86w Inevitable crash
86fb, 86z, 86w Inevitable crash

The franchise of this platform focuses on football and works with William Hill to integrate probability and statistics. Calculations, mathematics and other principles make competitive football not only a game, but also a high level comparable to funds and stocks. Profitable investment behavior! The platform adopts the world’s latest popular “hedge fund + welfare field + leveling commission” model, It runs simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world, provides bilingual versions, and supports the deposit and withdrawal of global digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Hedge Fund. “Correct” is the term for football betting, and “a wave” of balls is a prediction of the game score. “Hedge funds” are the reciprocal, that is, the predicted score. The correct score. For example, Argentina vs Croatia, the score is 0:3. For hedge funds, as long as they buy scores other than 0:3, they can achieve profitability. Therefore, the probability of a hedge fund’s profit is much higher than the correct rate. 17/18, up to 95%!

William Hill Team has denied Affiliation to 86FB Football

What’s 86Z?

It’s a reverse betting platform, where you play what shouldn’t happen in the match instead of playing what you want to happen. Like playing 2-0 means if the match ends 2-1 you win, But if their prediction is right you’ll receive about 2.5% bonus after your refund cause you played their game.

Alright let’s say Manchester United and arsenal have match today and your predictions was 2:5 , after the match the game didn’t end on predicted so far you have won the bet

What happen when I loss the game?

It’s company sole responsibility to secure your fund and make sure you don’t loss your capital when any principal protection plan bet cuts
This means your capital will be refunded 💯💯. This is been done automatically by the system without your notice or application

Note : Any betting prediction you did and stake if get loss won’t be refund ( _this is where the company makes money to pay for the winnings_ )

“Capital Preservation Plans” means that 86FB would send 3 low risk trade signs predicted by her professional staffs to her members everyday, if any of this 3 signals did not go as predicted, 86FB would return 100% of the capital used to place the trade, this means that if you strictly follow the team’s signals without being greedy to place your own private trade, you will not loose your capital at all, but if you choose to do otherwise, you will win or lose based on the outcome of the match.



86FB has a salary payment arrangement for their members!! This is what makes the platform unique

If you have a total of 50 Registered and Funded (Active Members) On your team.. that is 50 members from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd downlines, the company will pay you a monthly salary of ₦20,000 into your bank account

If you have 200 active downlines, you will receive ₦50,000 as monthly Salary

If you have 500 active downlines, you will receive ₦350,000 as monthly Salary

If you have 1000 active downlines, you will recieve ₦1,000,000 as monthly Salary.

Salary is paid on the 15th of every Month

Who owns 86FB Football

ANG can authoritatively tell you that 86FB is owned and managed by Nigerians. Our Investigations revealed that the owner of 86FB Football is ALOZIE CHIDIEBUBE CHIMUANYA. Authentic News Giant has other information and others involved but for security and privacy reason we do wish to withhold other information.


This is another Ponzi scheme and you all watch out for the crash, there are a lot of irregularities, how do they make their money for you, do they trade? etc, but till then be safe with your funds.


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