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Churches have a lot of programmes during this season to the extent that people don’t know which one to attend. My prayer for you is that after reading this article may the Holy Spirit quicken your mortal bodies to believe the content and at the same time participate fully. Old time faith ministries is synonymous with 7 nights of possibilities in the city of Port Harcourt, but permit me to say that the uniqueness of this programme is on the theme: KINGDOM BY VIOLENT RECOVERY
This season is a session of Great recovery as the Church has announced this Year as a year of Recovery
Tell all your friends about the programme. Send them our online TV address on youtube @ OTFM YOUTUBE CHANNEL so they can watch the programme live from any device, tell them that there shall be Revelation, Impartation, Healing, Purity and Deliverance and there shall be recovery

Time and space will not allow me to share with you God’s mercies in our midst
Here is a pretty woman who attended our 7 nights of possibilities testify what the Lord had done for her in the presence of the mamont crowd. She said that she hated her husband that loved her so much and bought a car for her. According to her she said that the husband was carrying her like egg but she hated him with abject hatred, she was much happier when her husband travelled. She wished he was not around.
During one of the nights of 7 nights of possibilities, the topic was on war against water spirit. After the fight in the church, in the night when she went back to sleep, a huge tall man came to her in the dream and told her to give him his ring that he could not withstand the fire anymore and that he was no longer interested in the marriage.

The man collected the ring and left and when he was going, in that dream she was begging and calling the man to come back and the man angrily left and she woke up and discovered it was a dream. It was done on her that all these years it was the spirit husband that had been causing all the havocs in her marriage.
It was like veil went out of her, she began to love, cherish, respect her husband like never before. According to her she said, any time her husband was not around she was missing him. With joy in her heart and gratitude to God she returned the glory to God who delivered her from this wicked spirit.

Date is 4th – 10th JFEB, Time 4pm to 8pm Nigeria time. (GMT +1)

Once again be reminded that in this programme there shall be REVELATION, IMPARTATION, HEALING, PURITY, RESTORATION OF LOST GLORIES, PREPARING THE SAINTS FOR HEAVEN AND ONE ON ONE DELIVERANCE. I am looking forward to seeing you there.


For more information and directions as to regards to the programme Call: +2348107807411

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