Theme: Freedom From Marine Powers

Date: 25th-31st March 2019

Time: 4pm Daily

There shall Be Deliverance




A family of three young sister discovered that their husbands died very young leaving them to suffer with little children. The last of the three lost her husband on November 2016 as a result of straying bullet that hit him where two warring cult groups were fighting and he died.

In search for solution, they came to our church in September 2017. As the senior among the three asked question during our question time why children of the same mother and father should loose their husbands so tenderly, the man of God hearing this told them that it is not normal. During the counseling session, he booked appointment with the entire family for deliverance.


On the day appointed, to our greatest surprise, the one that lost the husband in November 2016 manifested with a great laughter as the man of God was praying for them. When he enquired who was laughing, a voice said I am a spirit husband. I entered into their mother’s womb and married all the girls of her mother and that of their own daughters. The personality went further to confess that as he married them in the spirit world, they were not supposed to marry. But when they stubbornly married, he killed all their husbands so that they will remain his. The personality still said anytime he wanted; he would make love with them.

This they confirmed after the deliverance. It was after serious prayers of torture that he released all of them and their own daughters. He promised them that their own daughters will not have the same experience. The good thing about the deliverance is the killing of the husband came to an end and will not continue to their daughters. Praise ye the Lord.


A young man who had suffered a lot of setbacks in business was invited to one of the 7 Nights of Possibilities. After the expository, powerful, thought provoking messages coupled with anointed prayers of the man of God, that yoke was broken. He told us that he was surprised to see his master from Lagos, coming to Port Harcourt to make confession, that the money with which he settled him was charmed that he would not amount to anything. He asked for forgiveness. Since the power was exposed and destroyed, his business started flourishing. Praise ye the Lord.


A young man who happened to be the only child of the mother picked a young girl for marriage. The hope of having children was dashed in pieces. The problem took them to several clinics in Port Harcourt and beyond all to no avail.

After series of deliverance prayers were conducted, the powers of the house hold enemies, water spirits and ancestral spirits manifested and were destroyed and God broke the yoke of barrenness with a bouncing baby boy after 21 years. Two years later that is December 2013, God blessed the same couple with twin girls. Praise ye the Lord


A man who had five cars and was training other people met his disaster when he went home to build an up-stair. When the building was at the lintel level, his vehicles started having problems to the extent he lost all and was turned to a beggar.

He left Nigeria to Benin Republic, the problem became worst. He came back to discover his daughter gained admission into university and no money to send her to school. He decided to visit a friend in Port Harcourt who told him to follow him to one programme going on at Old Time Faith Ministries. While he was suffering at Cotonou, he gave his life to Jesus.

On hearing Christian programme, he was happy. When he came and heard testimonies of other, the word of God and joined in the spiritual warfare prayers that were ministered, he concluded that this was his last bus stop. In one of the nights, Pastor preached on sowing seed faith of building material for our financial breakthrough. All he had in his pocket was N20 but a single ½” rod was going for N1,300.

He cried back home. He saw that was the opportunity God wanted to use to bring him out of the prison of hardship. The friend he was staying with gave him the money for one rod which he bought and dumped it where other kept their own at the altar for prayers. After the man of God had taken authority over the power tormenting the people, he then prayed for those that sowed the seed of faith and the meeting ended.

When he went back to Okigwe (Imo State) where he came from, someone told him that a friend was looking for him. He went and he gave him N10,000, to him it was like N100,000. He was rejoicing about that and a week later an old time friend came from Lagos and, handed a key to a car with the registration on his name. He told him that this is your car. The man said that he came to pay him back for the good he did to him during the time he was swimming in the ocean of money before everything scattered. Beloved, if N10,000 was too much for him, guess what a car could be.

The joy with which he was testifying was extraordinary. As he went to the house to thank him, the man told him that he should not worry and that his son that was holidaying in his house would never come back and he would train him up to university level. Beloved, is God not wonderful?

Time and space will not allow me to share with you God’s mercies in our midst


Here is a pretty woman who attended our 7 nights of possibilities testify what the Lord had done for her in the presence of the mamont crowd. She said that she hated her husband that loved her so much and bought a car for her. According to her she said that the husband was carrying her like egg but she hated him with abject hatred, she was much happier when her husband travelled. She wished he was not around.

During one of the nights of 7 nights of possibilities, the topic was on war against water spirit. After the fight in the church, in the night when she went back to sleep, a huge tall man came to her in the dream and told her to give him his ring that he could not withstand the fire anymore and that he was no longer interested in the marriage.

The man collected the ring and left and when he was going, in that dream she was begging and calling the man to come back and the man angrily left and she woke up and discovered it was a dream. It was done on her that all these years it was the spirit husband that had been causing all the havocs in her marriage.

It was like veil went out of her, she began to love, cherish, respect her husband like never before. According to her she said, any time her husband was not around she was missing him. With joy in her heart and gratitude to God she returned the glory to God who delivered her from this wicked spirit.

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