36 State Speakers to Tinubu – End Nigerians’ Suffering Now

36 State Speakers to Tinubu - End Nigerians' Suffering Now

The Conference of Speakers from the 36 State Houses of Assembly recently convened to address pressing issues affecting Nigerians. At the forefront of their discussions was the call for President Bola Tinubu to implement sustainable policies aimed at alleviating the hardships faced by citizens.

Acknowledging the economic challenges stemming from the removal of petroleum product subsidies and the volatile exchange rate, the speakers emphasized the need for proactive measures to mitigate the adverse effects on the populace. Under the leadership of Speaker Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin, the conference underscored the importance of both federal and state governments taking bold steps to address these concerns.


In addition to economic matters, the conference delved into the nation’s insecurity. Recognizing the critical role of security in fostering development and stability, the speakers advocated for the implementation of state policing to curb the negative trend of insecurity.

Furthermore, the conference addressed internal disputes within the political landscape, specifically highlighting the need for peaceful resolution between the legislative and executive arms of the government in Rivers State.


The resolutions reached during the conference were encapsulated in a communiqué signed by the chairman, reflecting the collective stance of the attendees. These resolutions encompassed a wide range of governance issues and underscored the state legislators’ commitment to advocate for their constituents’ welfare.

During the deliberations, Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, representing the House of Representatives Speaker, emphasized the significance of state legislative autonomy in the ongoing constitutional review process. This underscored the forum’s dedication to advancing democratic principles and promoting good governance at both the state and national levels.

Moreover, the conference emphasized the importance of compliance with constitutional provisions granting financial autonomy to state legislatures. They called upon relevant stakeholders, including the National Assembly and the Presidency, to uphold these provisions and leverage the ongoing constitutional review to ensure their implementation.

In summary, the Conference of Speakers from the State Houses of Assembly was a platform for robust discussions on key issues affecting Nigeria’s governance landscape. Through collaborative efforts and shared insights, the conference aimed to chart a path toward sustainable development and prosperity for all Nigerians.





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