2023: No Igbo Man will become Nigeria President, Nnamdi Kanu tells Umahi, Wike, Nwodo

Nnamdi Kanu reveals those created Unknown Gunmen in Nigeria

Nnamdi Kanu, Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has told Igbo politicians, the likes of Dave Umahi, Nyesom Wike, Nnia Nwodo that none of them will become president of Nigeria come 2023.

Nnamdi Kanu said No Igbo man will get the nod to fly the flag of either of the main political party in the #Zoo come 2023.

In series of Post, Nnamdi Kanu Said:

“Shameless crying babies. Somebody should remind the Efulefus clamouring for ‘Igbo presidency’ that power is not given, it is taken. This is elementary politics. Even a basic idiot understand this doctrine.”

“Afenifere did not kneel before the Fulanis or betray and kill their own brothers and sisters in submission to the will of the Fulani to earn the right to field both Presidential candidates in 1999 elections, the first of its kind in the history of the #Zoo.”

“Rather Fulani oligachy and Britain acquiesced to the idea of two Yoruba presidential candidates in order to appease Afenifere and put a stop to Oduduwa break-away agitation then led by the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Oh yes, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was a Yoruba separatist agitator in 1999.”

“Had the cowardly Igbo Efulefu brigade led by the grand traitor Nnia Nwodo supported our IPOB led agitation for a separate homeland for Biafran people, by now the Janjaweed mob and their British controllers will be kneeling and begging Igbo people to take the Presidency.”

“They would be falling over themselves and pleading with Igbo governors to mediate and beg their people to stop their agitation the same way they begged Afenifere and Yoruba political class in 1999.”

“Knowing how treacherouly stupid and desperate Igbos Efulefus are, Fulani simply dangled Igbo Presidency before their eyes and used it as a tool to set them against themselves.”

“That was why Dave Umahi never supported or accepted Peter Obi as VP to Atiku in 2019 because that would have truncated his own chances of emerging in 2023. Instead he worked for APC Fulani presidency against his own brother Peter Obi not minding that both of them are in the same PDP.”

“In order to be seen as a loving loyal servant of the Janjaweed caliphate, the trusted slave Nnia Nwodo- whose father was a high profile traitor during the war, and Dave Umahi set about conniving with the Fulani to kill as many Biafran youths as possible.”

“The same young people that will protect them and our land tomorrow against the inevitable Fulani terrorist invasion. Sadly they prefer to conspire to kill their heroes then kneel and beg Fulani for presidency.”

“When Fulani wanted to wrestle power from Jonathan did they go kneeling and begging before PANDEF? They simply terrorised Jonathan out of office with the help of Britain and Obama. They were so effective at terrorising the leadership of the so-called South South to the point that Edwin Clarke the leader of PANDEF openly campaigned against Goodluck Jonathan his own son and brother.”

“No Igbo man will get the nod to fly the flag of either of the main political party in the #Zoo come 2023. Umahi, Wike and Nwodo are merely storing up trouble for themselves and their children by conniving with the army and police in the ongoing killing of our people in their foolish queat to please their Fulani masters.”

‘A word is enough for the wise.”

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