2023: “Give us Igbo president OR” – Ohanaeze Chieftain warn Nigeria

2023: "Give us Igbo president OR" - Ohanaeze Chieftain warn Nigeria

Still on the battle for the zoning of the 2023 presidential ticket, the former National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chuks Ibegbu, has opened up on what will befall Nigeria if the southeast fails to produce the presidential candidate in 2023.

Ibegbu said the southeast will resort to its options if the region fails to produce the country’s president in 2023.

Speaking with our correspondence, Ibegbu said the southeast has what he termed options “A, B and C” which will be resorted to if the southeast fails to produce Nigeria’s president in 2023.

The former deputy spokesman of Ohanaeze urged political stakeholders to come together and opt for a southeast president.

According to Ibegbu: “I’m not God to know what will happen the next minute, but it will be the height of the ingratitude of the Nigerian state to allow such to happen. It’s just like June 12; when it happened the Yorubas wanted to secede from Nigeria, but Nigerians refused and brought the two Olus – Olusegun Obasanjo and Olu Falaye, and the nation was pacified. When Obasanjo was in prison, Ekwueme formed the PDP but they denied him the presidency to satisfy the Yorubas. This was why everywhere calmed down; otherwise, the Yorubas had already left the country.

“Now, Nnamdi Kanu and others are saying we are not happy with the way the Nigerian nation has treated us over the years. I think it will be the best option for Nigeria to give the Southeast the Presidency in 2023, just like we listen to the Yorubas after the June 12, we listened to Boko Haram, militants, and bandits in the North, and gave Buhari president; and we listened to Niger Delta militants and gave Goodluck Jonathan president. So, why won’t it happen for the Southeast? Why won’t it happen for the agitators; even though the agitators are saying they want to secede, but in the real sense of it what they are calling for is equity and justice.

“Now, if the Nigerian state refuses to listen to all these clamours and go ahead to rob the Igbos of political justice and equity then we will opt for our options. We have options A, B, and C. But I will not tell you these options now; but of course, the whole world would have heard that the Southeast is not wanted in Nigeria, because we can’t be in a Nigeria where our children can’t aspire to be president, they contribute to the economy of the country can’t rule, yet you want them to stay. Stay under what condition?

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“We have to define what Nigerians want from the Igbos again, if Okonkwo can’t be in Aso Rock, is it only Yar’Adua or Obasanjo that can be in Aso Rock? So Chukwuma can’t be in Aso Rock? Is it fair for Chukwuma not to be in Aso Rock? Why then do you want him in the country? If you don’t want Chukwuma to be Mr President but want him to be a drawer of wood and fetcher of water, is it proper?

“The whole world is listening to us now, you see; in America, the blacks were robbed of their dignity until Obama became president. Today you can’t say the blacks have not ruled America.

What is wrong if Nigerian stakeholders come together and decide to give the Southeast the presidency, what is eight years in the life of a country? Even though it’s not written in the constitution that there must be zoning, but they should give us.

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“Just like the Yorubas tried to secede but they said no and compensated them with Obasanjo who didn’t win an election in his ward, why is it difficult to do for the Igbos?”

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